Scott Walker “30 Century Man” Miami Premiere Monday!

Monday night we are VERY excited to be presenting the official Miami premiere of an excellent music documentary! 30 Century Man chronicles the life and artistic career of music icon Scott Walker.  Though American, he was mostly successful in the UK, starting off as more of a crooner and then veering into the avant-garde.  The documentary was executive-produced by David Bowie and features interviews with him, Radiohead, Brian Eno, Damon Albarn, Johnny Marr and many more.

This BAFTA-nominated documentary explores Scott Walker’s music and career, from his early days as a gun-for-hire bass player on the Sunset Strip, to heartthrob mega-stardom in Britain’s 60’s pop scene, and finally his transformation to respected composer and avant-garde musician, reclusively shying away from the spotlight.

It was voted one of Time Out London’s 50 Greatest Music Films Ever.  Watch the trailer below and join us Monday night.  Seating at 8, film at 8.30 and we’ll even have a stack of copies to give away via raffle.  See you there!

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End Of The Line Screening Monday

This Monday Sweat is proud to present an official South Florida screening of award-winning documentary END OF THE LINE.

The movie tackles the dangers of our current unsustainable level of fishing (ie scientists predicting a global end to seafood by 2048).  It has been seen by hundreds of thousands worldwide and is accompanied by a campaign promoting the responsible use of our ocean’s resources.  Full information, including how to find out if the seafood you eat is sustainable, can be found here on the film’s site.

Watch the trailer below and come out tonight!  We’ve got stickers, pins and other goodies to give away as well.  No cover, seating at 8, film at 8.30.

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Tonight: Wet Hot + Thursday: Nowhere

This week at Sweat we’ve got two ridiculously great, FREE movie screenings for your viewing pleasure… This Movie Monday, we’ll be playing 2001 cult comedy classic WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER!  Directed by The State alum David Wain, it featuring several of the cast members, along with hilarious performances by Janeane Garofalo, Chris Meloni and more.  …

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MLK Day Movie Mondays: The Night James Brown Saved Boston

Here at Sweat we’re happy to be celebrating MLK Day with a special Movie Mondays screening of the acclaimed documentary The Night James Brown Saved Boston! It tells the story about how James Brown took the stage at the Boston Garden one day after the tragic assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and helped …

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Blast of Silence Screening Tonight

As part of our ongoing film series co-presented by the  Ai Miami International University of Art & Design, we present a very special rare screening of Allen Baron’s New York City noir, BLAST OF SILENCE! This low-budget, carefully crafted portrait of a hit man on assignment in Manhattan during Christmastime follows its stripped-down narrative with …

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All Tomorrow’s Parties FILM Miami Debut This Monday at Sweat

This Movie Monday, Sweat is proud to present the Miami debut screening of the ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES documentary!  Since 1999 the UK-based ATP Festival has had amazing curators like Tortoise, The Mars Volta, Portishead, Mogwai, Sonic Youth, Matt Groening, Autechre and many more, assembling bands and fans together at the British seaside for weekends of …

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