Sweat Review – Sad Man Happy Man

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Following the breakup of Soul Coughing, front man Mike Doughty faced a dilemma: fade into an obscure silence, occasionally pocked with greatest hits anthologies and random pings on “Where are they now?” radars; or take on a personal voyage of investigation across the United States with little more than a guitar, home recorded CDs and an insatiable desire to play some songs. Doughty commits himself to the latter.

I’ll preface now by saying that this story is retold in nearly every account of Doughty’s lead up to a viable solo career. Pardon the repetition, but there is something clearly seductive about, after an unclean band breakup, saying fuck all to the detractors, jumping into a rental car and stitching together venues in a long tapestry of miles traveled and audiences entertained.

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