Sweatstock 2012

On Saturday, April 21st, Sweat Records celebrated seven years in business and Record Store Day 2012 with our third SWEATSTOCK Festival! Over 2,000 people came out to enjoy live acts, exclusive vinyl releases, Miami’s best food trucks, DJs, drinks and beyond.  Not only that but we were graced by a visit from RSD ’12 Ambassador and punk rock living legend IGGY POP!

Check out some pre- and post-press below, and scroll down for more details about all the parties involved!

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Super huge thanks to: The Knight Foundation and Heineken for helping us to keep this event FREE, Emile and the whole Sweat staff (Jsin, Jet, Kathleen, Jamie), Iggy for being the RSD ambassador and taking the time on his birthday to come hang out with us, Katie for the admin help, Pete, Sean and Dennis for the great sound and lights, Jordan and William @ Beached Miami, Matt P @ Roofless Records, Daniel Reskin and Black Bobby for being our emcees, Emily and the MAM crew, Emerge Miami and the Green Mobility Network for running the bike valet, Jason, Thom, Fezito and all of our volunteers, Brian Butler for doing all the amazing fliers, posters and graphics, all the DJs (Induce, Rob Riggs and Hottpants), all the bands (Jesse Jackson, Arboles Libres, ARK IX, The State Of, Ketchy Shuby, Plains, Deaf Poets, Krisp, Afrobeta, Palette Town, Jellyfish Brothers, Kazoots, AXE AND THE OAK, Shroud Eater, Pool Party, Severe Disappointments, Haochi Waves, Wierd Wives, Container, Vico, Diamond Hymen, Adames, Dim Past, Toad Eyes, Dyslexic Postcards, Devalued, The President, and No Children – whew!), Squeegee Science, Churchill’s Pub, Red Bull for donating product to keep us humming, Alexander Catering, Defensa International, the City of Miami, The Vagabond, the Miami New Times, Carrie and the whole Record Store Day staff, the trucks: Bocaditos, GastroPod, Mac’N, Real Sorbet and Coolhaus (extra thanks to them for making Iggy’s birthday cake!) for keeping everyone fed, Michael at AEC, R. Grimes, O Cinema, WRGP, and everyone who came out to enjoy the day and everyone who has supported Sweat Records for the last seven years!

See you all next year for Sweatstock 2013 on April 20th!


Dear friends, fans and supporters of Sweat Records,
On Saturday, April 21st you are cordially invited to our third annual


We’re celebrating Sweat Records’ 7th (!) Anniversary + Record Store Day 2012 with a full day of FREE entertainment, food trucks, giveaways, surprises and of course, VINYL.

The store will be opening early (9AM) for the hundreds of Record Store Day exclusive releases, the DJs kick off at noon, the Main Stage starts at 1pm outside, and the fun continues between there and Churchill’s into the night.  Check out the recaps from 2010 and 2011 and mark your calendars as this is going to be the best Sweatstock yet!

Scroll down for timeslots and info on all the great bands, vendors and more that you’ll see and experience at Sweatstock 2012




Miami’s avant-dance duo Afrobeta have been tearing up dance floors in their hometown since 2006. The Miami New Times awarded them Best Band in 2010 and Best Album in 2011 for “Under The Streets.” Cuci Amador and Smurphio’s mutual love of classic songwriting and dancing till 5am inspired them to make music together.

In the last few years the band has taken their joyous beats and dazzling live shows across the nation and abroad, performing at the 40th Anniversary Glastonbury Festival, Burning Man, Fall Fashion Week in New York, Ultra Brazil, Space Ibiza, Ultra Music Festival, Camp Bisco and Identity Festival, a 20+city summer tour. The band has rocked alongside Hercules and Live Affair, Holy Ghost!, The Crystal Method, Annie Mac, and many more.



Based out of Wynwood, Miami, KRISP is an indie band that has been getting plenty of underground recognition among the art district’s go-to venues.  Krisp combine indie rock, chill wave, and electro dance elements to provide its own blend of carefree groove.  80’s inspired synth lines, disco beats, dirt-free guitar licks, and trendy bass lines topped with subtle melodies have become Krisp’s emblem sound.  The band will be performing at Sweatstock hot off the heels of shows at this year’s SXSW in Austin!



Deaf Poets
are making waves.  The Miami Beach-based duo of singer-guitarist Sean Wouters and drummer Nicolas Espinosa have been putting out a huge sound that is quickly gaining them fans in Miami and beyond.  Deaf Poets’ music has the starkness of garage rock combined with the eagerness of ’80s punk, and some bluesy melancholy mixed in for good measure.  Their first 7″ for fan favorite “This Pain” will be released this spring by Sweat’s in-house record label, Sutro.



(photo by Javier Sanchez)

PLAINS is the brainchild of Michael McGinnis. Born and raised outside of Chicago, McGinnis began making his own music in earnest just a few years ago when he moved to Miami to sleep on couches and work as a studio rat. Spending endless late nights employing a healthy amount of bourbon and cycling through a few albums worth of songs, the album PLAINS was born. On this eponymous debut record, McGinnis molds a sound and a style that is equally indebted to a love of blue-collar punk and rock bands as much as the technical world and history of audio engineering. There’s a studio polish to these tracks with a fringe of grunge at the edges. Lead single “Innovator” barrels in with a chunky kick to the ground, while faded synths and chorused guitars linger in the background. The track exemplifies the PLAINS sound with each instrument fuzzed out, while leaving plenty of air to breathe. PLAINS is augmented live by Jorge Rubiera on drums, Max Johnston on bass and Jorge Gonzalez Graupera on guitar, all staples of the Miami music scene.



Ketchy Shuby is made up of six members, all in their mid-20s, whose roots range from Jamaica, Cuba, and Puerto Rico to Broward and Dade counties. Formed in 2008, the outfit has quickly created a buzz on the live circuit by combining new sound with old soul to earn its “downtown [soul]” moniker. “It’s jazz, it’s ’60s rock, Afrobeat, reggae, ska…” explains the group’s 28-year-old lead vocalist and guitar player, Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez, AKA Jay. Percussionist Danny Quinto adds, “Our music is Curtis Mayfield, Santana, Miles Davis, Fania All-Stars, mixed with MGMT, Kings of Leon, and the Budos Band, to name a few.” -New Times



(photo by Ben Shaul)

Miami’s renowned folk/country/Americana troubadour Jesse Jackson has been (rightfully) compared to everyone from Tom Waits to Bright Eyes to Gershwin and Cole Porter.  He’ll be making a rare performance on the main stage at Sweatstock with a full backing band!

“Jackson has to be the least best-kept secret in town. And how could he not be? For seven years the cat has been plying his trademark blend of urban folk from county line to county line, busking Lincoln Road for tourists and locals, opening for national acts at Studio A, caressing a cuatro at Churchill’s. Name the place, the street, a time, a date, and Jackson has played there.” -New Times



The State Of is the product of Steph Taylor’s edgy piano/synth playing and Nabedi Osorio’s electronic-like live drumming. Their dark pop sensibility is born out of their hometown of Miami, FL. Their songs are a juxtaposition of dark and light, playing music that is melancholy and minor but to a fun and danceable beat. When coupled, they create a dynamic sound larger than what’s expected out of two people.

There’s no telling why this band chose to call itself Arboles Libres (“Free Trees”), but it does convey a sense that they’re freely breaking down barriers on this five song set. Singing in both Spanish and English, the group proffers a sound that freely mixes a feeling of folk finesse — as reflected on the song “Aurora” — with the edgier, upbeat approach of “Yellow Man” and “Comiensos (The Beginning).” Boasting a knowing attitude that occasionally blurs the line between melody and mayhem, an Arboles Libres song always blossoms with the band’s consistently compelling trademark sound.

“Like another great rock trio, the Violent Femmes, Arboles Libres combine the raw energy of rock-n-roll with the sonic clarity of a jazz combo. Their music passes freely from slow and soothing to jumpy to raucous as their lyrics flow from Spanish to English and back again.” -Beached Miami


ARK IX is an epic sci-fi journey on a wave of intergalactic bass. By combining unique synths, instruments sampled from video game soundtracks, and big, slamming drums, ARK IX creates a sound that stands alone amidst Miami’s vast electronic music scene. “I’m trying to tell stories, on an individual level with songs, but also on a larger scale, across EPs and albums,” he says, citing influences such as The Mars Volta and Ratatat.


The MAM Soundbomb Bus is a classic 1970s Volkswagen Minibus that has been transformed into a one-of-a-kind ‘sound bus’ that will travel to various locations and bring the best of Miami music vinyl cultures with live DJ sets, album-inspired art-making and more.  Some of Miami’s finest DJ’s will be manning the decks on the Bus during Sweatstock!








The Miami based trio Axe And The Oak has been compared to the likes of Echo & the Bunnymen, Bauhaus and The Birthday Party . As though written for a David Lynch/Tarantino film, their songs have a dark, cinematic feel. Sander Willig, singer/songwriter and guitarist is a modern crooner of sorts and obsessed with blending the tones of rockabilly, surf and shoe gaze. Myles Kaplan, bass guitarist and co-writer thrives on linear, driving grooves rooted in punk and post punk. Alex Luna, drummer plays with a complex, jazz like feel. He also ventures beyond the drum kit employing other instruments ( such as the bowed saw) which add to the bands cinematic feel.

Recently having opened up for artists such as Swans and Zola Jesus, the band continues to play venues throughout south Florida and have plans to return to the studio in 2012 for their second release. Early releases can be found at Sweat and Radioactive Records.


Unrelenting and ever forceful, Shroud Eater presses forward in typical heavy-handed fashion. Relying on walls of charging fuzz, heavy percussionist gallop and bowel-rumbling melodic bass lines, the band recalls early Kylesa, High on Fire, and Helmet. The trio have been recognized as wielding a uniquely aggressive stew of tribal sludge and stoner metal and have garnered a reputation for a fiercely hypnotic exercise in volume and power.


Weird Wives started in 2008 in Lake Worth, Florida. Weird Wives is often Brian Black, Thomas Fekete, Nicholas Klein, and Marcos Marchesani. Weird Wives has recorded 34 songs. For all other information visit our majorly rad record label at www.westpalmbeotch.com.


Haochi Waves is a Dance Punk trio made up of Didi Aragon, Farina Mackliff, and Juan Oña. After coming from bands like Pretty Please and The Brand (to name a few), these local veterans are putting their spin onto the basic fundamentals of rock and roll. Haochi Waves formed in the Fall of 2011. Since then the band has focused on writing music, developing their sound, recording an EP, and playing local shows. Their debut release “Apparatus” will be released in May of 2012.


Pool Party is a power-pop-punk-new-wave explosion for the 22nd Century. Based out of Miami (their year-round Summer home) they make songs that are catchy, ridiculous and kind of wrong. Their sound is the result of the Ramones and Sweet having some babies and who were lulled them to sleep by the music of Devo. Razorcake magazine said Pool Party’s debut CD is “Energetic and amusing party music that appeals to the basest rock and roll instincts, which goes well with the joyfully immature, sexually-loaded lyrics.”


Severe Disappointments are a punk rock band based in Fort Lauderdale Florida. All four members have been in lots of other punk/noise/garage/etc bands, too numerous and ponderous to list here. Singer Trish Mahoney, Guitarist Jeff Hodap, Bass Player Slim Biscayne, and Drummer Chuck Loose play a fast-paced, female-fronted compund that includes elements of punk rock, psychedelic rock, heavy metal, post-punk, no wave and noise rock, mixed haphazardly and allowed to marinate in the Florida sun.


The Jellyfish Brothers were form by brothers Eduardo and Gregorio Alvarez in the summer of 2011 We wanted to combine our love of movie soundtracks, horror comic books, as well as surf and doom music. Then after a couple of months of playing as a two-piece the brothers played a rough demo for our friend and neighbor, Janette Valentine, who also happens to be the bass player for a local band, Shroud Eater. She was really into the music, we decided to jam, we all gelled and we’ve playing together ever since.


Kazoots is a unique band hitting the Miami music scene with an Afro-Indie Rock style. The lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Inez Barlatier has been performing in the U.S and abroad for over ten years as a singer/songwriter; performing with various world beat artists. Her African, Brazilian, Haitian roots rhythms and vocal performance are complimented with indie rock riffs and solos from Jayan “Chocolate Cholo” Bertrand, the talented lead guitarist and vocalist. Cliff Magloire, the bassist and a founding member, feeds the music with a cool reggae vibe. David “Toma” Cruz triples as a drummer, bassist and guitarist; performing genres from Latin to heavy metal. Kiara Cabrera, a second generation vocalist, sweetens the mix.


Once upon a time there were four good friends: Chris, Daniella, Fredrik, & Sylvano. These friends each loved music and happened to be musicians themselves. After a couple years of watching other bands play music, it dawned on them… “Why don’t we start a band?” They then wrote a bunch of songs about life, love, and laser guns. Later, they played those songs to people and realized that their music wasn’t so terrible. Life has been pretty rad for Palette Town ever since.


CONTAINER (Nashville, TN)

Container is minimal techno wrought from the still-fermenting noise-to-EDM axis. Read all about it.

VICO (Tampa, FL)

One might describe Vico as Vega’s undead ghost meets sensual EBM.


Diamond Hymen oozes glitter in the gutter electro-pop.


Adames is the sound of Future Bass to come.


Dim Past proposes the existence of a secret tryst between cold wave and minimal techno.


Dyslexic Postcards dares to pair precise psychedelia with jammy and glammy power-pop-punk.


Devalued belches a punk-metal hybrid that smears raw meat hardcore all over Kill ‘Em All / Reign in Blood-style thrashing.


The President is Jason Handelsman playing guitar (electric and acoustic) and singing about his drunk driving accident, the power of intention, and Miami.


No Children are a pop-punk (more Buzzcocks than Blink 182) supergroup featuring members of Sloane Peterson, Gorilla Pussy, Merkit and Paper Dolls.


Toad Eyes plays breakneck-paced prog-pop jams equally informed by punk and classic rock.



Mac’n wants to create a revolution – in Miami food trucks, that is.  We are the first and only 100% vegan restaurant on wheels, that infuses food and compassion throughout South Florida.  Natural always and organic whenever possible, our ever-changing menu is served up in biodegradable packaging.  All of our ingredients are plant-based, so you’re not only doing service to your body, but the planet as well.  We cater to those with food allergies, too!  Miami’s only vegan food truck serving up a twist on comfort food classics.”


gastroPod is a 1962 Airstream customized with the latest in modern culinary technology.  gastroPod’s constantly evolving menu combines the freshest seasonal fish, meats and produce with experimental preparation techniques, and it’s always served up with a laid-back, home-style vibe.  A native of Miami, Florida, gastroPod’s Chef Jeremiah continues to build his reputation as one of South Florida’s most innovative purveyors of haute cuisine. From his restaurant and nightclub ventures to personal engagements and exclusive dining events, his fusion cooking is as exciting as it is critically acclaimed.”


Bocaditos mission is to prepare pure, great tasting food that was harvested the right way and prove that you don’t have to settle to achieve taste and convenience. We want our succulent foodgasms to enliven your meals and open your eyes to this wonderful phenomenon.  Cooking with the finest humane raised meats, organic cheeses and a mix of organic and choice produce, we’ve created the most amazing, animal-friendly and environmentally sustainable thing you could ever put in your mouth!”


COOLHAUS is a triple entendre – a play on three of our favorites:
[1] Bauhaus, an influential modernist design movement of the 1920′s and 30′s.
[2] Rem Koolhaas, the famous Dutch Architect and Theorist who challenged the mantra “Form follows function”
[3] “Cool house,” isn’t that what you’re eating – an ice cream sandwich deconstructed into a cookie roof and floor slab with ice cream walls?

Every Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich is all-natural, handmade and organic whenever possible. Our dairy is sustainably produced and artificial growth hormone free. We use local and seasonal farmer’s market fresh ingredients. Plus, every ice cream sandwich is wrapped in a customizable, edible wrapper that is all-natural and calorie-free. Talk about being Green! Instead of throwing away your wrapper, you get to eat it!”


Gypsy Kitchen is a Miami based food trailer that specializes in internationally inspired street food with a strong Indian influence.  We employ a “farm to trailer” (as much as possible) approach to our unique interpretation of globally inspired locally sourced street food.”


Real Sorbet is a family-run business that makes delicious, small batch, frozen fruit products.  We make the sorbet ourselves.  Real Sorbet’s menu, like the fruit, changes with the seasons.  Our sorbets contain filtered water, pure cane sugar, pesticide-free fruit, and a variety of produce, spices and herbs.  We do not use corn syrup, stabilizers, gums, or any artificial sweeteners or colorings.  Real Sorbet is pure sorbet, from our family to yours.”