Lolo Reskin

Destined to be a record nerd, Lolo grew up in a musical family: her grandmother Joan Field was a pioneering female violin soloist, her grandfather Alan Reskin originally opened Allegro Music House in Coral Gables in 1961, and her father Chas Reskin is a professional trumpet player and composer. It’s also worth mentioning that Lolo is the great-niece of Alan Freed, the (in)famous 1950s radio DJ and music promoter who coined the phrase “rock and roll” and fought racial segregation.

Lolo also grew up next door to Miami’s legendary Hot Wheels skating rink which imparted in her the power of records. In high school she began street-repping for labels and booking/DJing/promoting indie club nights. Starting her music retail career in 1999, Lolo spent 6 years at Miami’s Virgin Megastore then left to open Sweat in 2005. Since then she’s played many roles in the community–as an organizer, interviewer/panelist, as host of Art Loft on South Florida PBS for three seasons, and as an alum of Miami Fellows and Radical Partners. She currently runs Sweat and the Sweat Records Records label, serves as a Governor on the Recording Academy Florida Chapter Board, and programs custom background music playlists with the boutique firm Soundry.

Follow her @loloreskin on Twitter & Instagram


Emile Milgrim

First, it’s pronounced “Emily”. Em is Sweat’s co-owner, manager, and music buyer, as well a founding director of the Miami Girls Rock Camp. She’s also the drummer in Las Nubes, the percussionist and “hype guy” in the Pookiesmackers, and one half of experimental field recording art collective Archival Feedback. Her label Other Electricities puts out “sounds and the like” from all over the globe, and her cats are super pretty.


Randy Piro

Sweat’s resident metal head, he’s most known for shredding with Orbweaver and Hibernus Mortis in addition to helping you find the best heavy sounds, prog, and Star Wars soundtracks. He’s also Sweat’s resident “patzer” and runs our monthly Chess Club, God Save The Queen!


Gabriel Duque

Our Venezuelan import, Gabriel lives DIY between working at Sweat, throwing shows, playing with bands, and screen printing. He is obsessed with fruit so please bring all your extra mangos to the shop.


Ale Campos

Everybody knows Ale! From her past bands Testökra and Wastelands to her current powerhouse Las Nubes, Ale’s awesome taste in music, coffee skills, and good vibes have made her a friendly face at the shop for many years. She’s also an instructor at the Wynwood School of Music if you or some tiny people you know need lessons.


Beatriz Monteavaro

A renowned visual artist and musician (catch her pounding the drums for local heavyweights Holly Hunt), Betty keeps the store in order and decorates the hell out of the place for Halloween every year. Her holy trinity is Siouxsie & The Banshees, Martin Denny, and Celia Cruz, and she considers working at the record store part of her practice.


Mr. Entertainment (aka Steven Toth)

Sweat’s resident storyteller. Along with his band The Pookiesmackers, Mr. Entertainment has been making music and mischief in South Florida for longer than you’ve been alive. Fun fact: he’s also one of the foremost local authorities on and collectors of outsider/folk art.