Dan on Doug Action

Doug Stanhope, this Friday at the Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale.  Stanhope is known for working outside the comedy club circuit in favor of performing at any “boozer joint” with a stage and microphone.  Perfect fit for a man with comedy that won’t conform.  Be prepared for some culture-shaking prophetic rants, laced with the finest hooker/poop/drug jokes on the market. Comic-comparisons can be trite, but I’d say if Bill Hicks and George Carlin starred in 2 Girls 1 Cup, Doug Stanhope is the cup.  Drink deeply.  Now go to Ticketmaster.

And speaking of unholy crap, I get to open for him! This is not only an honor, but also a chance to make some real connections, maybe a new dealer.  Not really, mine is great.  I saw Stanhope two years ago at Crowbar in Tampa, check out the fan pic!

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