LAUREN (or Lolo) RESKIN, owner and co-founder – was born in Miami and loved the city and the weather so much she never left. Music is in Lauren’s blood: her late grandmother Joan Field was a renowned violin soloist who released records on Decca Telefunken, and her late grandfather Alan Reskin originally opened Allegro Music House in 1961 (making Lolo the second Reskin to open a music store in South Florida). Her father Chas Reskin is a Julliard graduate, professional trumpet player, and composer. It’s also worth mentioning that Lolo is the great-niece of Alan Freed, the famous 1950’s radio DJ and music promoter who coined the phrase “rock and roll.” During high school, Lolo convinced the local Virgin Megastore to hire her 16-year-old overenthusiastic self and it was all downhill from there. She spent the next six years selling music, DJing at and promoting club nights (Revolver, Plastik Fantastik, VICE, Poplife, Roll Out, Circa Saturdays), working in college radio, and booking shows in preparation to give her hometown the thing it needed most – a real, live, community-oriented, indie record store.

Since opening in March 2005, Sweat Records has become an institution in its own right, and Lolo continues to be passionately involved in the local cultural landscape. She DJs regularly, books shows, serves on the Florida Chapter Board of the Recording Academy, and is an alumnus of Class VII of the Miami Foundation’s Miami Fellows young leaders program.

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EMILE MILGRIM, managing partner/music buyer – is a Miami native with an insane, deep and varied knowledge of music, but especially blues/soul/r&b and “sad bastard music”.  She is the founder and owner of the awesome Other Electricities record label which puts out interesting and experimental albums from around the world. She plays drums in gospel noir group Quarter Horses and co-founded the Miami Girls Rock Camp.

Emile collects cats, vinyl, and tattoos, and is basically a human version of Beer-chan.  (Don’t worry, she only puts the promos in her pants.)

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ALE CAMPOS, assistant manager – You can find Ale at Sweat when she’s not playing bass in the excellent Wastelands.

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When he’s not giving the thumbs-up to your purchases at Sweat, RANDY PIRO howls, snarls, and shreds in Miami psychedelic noise conjurers Orbweaver.


LORENA PABLO BOWEN slings coffee and records at Sweat and coffee at Panther. She plays drums and digs spacey shoegaze.


About the Co-Founder-At-Large:

SARA YOUSUF‘s parents came to America from Pakistan with hopes of having a daughter who would overlook medicine to pursue a career in independent music retail. Sara moved to Miami from Detroit in 1998. In that time, Miami has enchanted her with its shady charm. She spent 5 years (1999-2004) as a disc jockey for the University of Miami’s college radio station, WVUM 90.5 FM. For the last 3 years of her tenure at WVUM, Sara hosted the popular drive-time “All Request Show,” which inspired her to provide Miami with a local music source worthy of its inhabitants. Sara graduated from UM Law in May of 2005, passed the frickin’ bar exam, and now works at the Miami Public Defender’s Office keeping our city’s residents out of jail and off the pipe. Sara is also a member of Emerge Miami, an organization that works to create a social network for activists (they meet Tuesdays at 7pm at Sweat), and pops back into the shop from time to time to teach origami and craft workshops.

More Sweat Fam:

JASON JIMENEZ is a Chicago native, a former Marine, a massage therapist, and half-Swedish-half-Mexican all at once. Jason is Sweat’s resident event-planner and party-starter.  He’s also Miami’s dubstep impresario, and ran the renowned GET LOW parties.  He is very frequently mistaken for some people’s lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

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BOOTSIE MENG moved to Philly and is still slinging vinyl up there!

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