This Just In: Ghost In The Shell

Kenji Kawai’s score for Ghost In The Shell on vinyl! Deluxe and standard versions available. We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records strikes again! Read more and listen below while you check out this week’s in-stock list. This is short ’cause things are bananas! Woo! -MLE

Kenji Kawai – Ghost In The Shell OST (Deluxe) LP+7”*, Ghost In The Shell OST LP*
Listen: Full Soundtrack
“We Release Whatever The Fuck We Want Records is thrilled and honored to announce the first ever official vinyl pressing of the soundtrack for Mamoru Oshii’s critically acclaimed and all around legendary science fiction anime film Ghost in the Shell (1995), adapted from Masamune Shirow’s groundbreaking manga series of the same name.

Cut from the original master reels at Emil Berliner Studios (formerly the in-house recording department of renowned classical record label Deutsche Grammophon), the album comes in two versions: a limited collector’s edition (LP and bonus 7″ housed in sleeve with silver gilt printing, Japanese obi, and 24-page liner notes) and a standard LP.

The haunting score is composed by Kenji Kawai, one of Japan’s most celebrated soundtrack composers alongside Joe Hisaishi and Ryūichi Sakamoto, whose work includes Hideo Nakata’s Ring (1998) and Ring 2 (1999), Death Note (2006), Hong Kong films Seven Swords by Tsui Hark (2005), Ip Man by Wilson Yip (2008), and countless others. Kawai’s compositions see ancient harmonies and percussions uncannily mesh with synthesized sounds of the modern world to convey a sumptuous balance between folklore tradition and futuristic outlook. For its iconic main theme ‘Making of Cyborg,’ Kawai had a choir chant a wedding song in ancient Japanese following Bulgarian folk harmonies, setting the standard for a timeless and unparalleled soundtrack that admirably echoes the film’s musings on the nature of humanity in a technologically advanced world.

Ghost in the Shell is widely considered one of the best anime films of all time and its influence has been felt in the work of numerous movie directors, including James Cameron (Avatar), the Wachowskis (The Matrix), and Steven Spielberg (AI: Artificial Intelligence).” -WRWTFWWR

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This Just In: Ferment

If I had a dollar for every time I said “I wish they’d reissue Catherine Wheel’s Ferment already,” I could by each of you a copy of Catherine Wheel’s Ferment. Unfortunately wishes can’t be monetized, BUT, sometimes they do come true. Catherine Wheel’s Ferment is finally available again on vinyl after its initial release in 1992! Considered by many (including me) to be one of the best shoegaze albums of all-time, most of the tracks on the record are also considered “classics” of the genre. Apparently “Black Metallic” has been referred to as the shoegaze “Stairway To Heaven.” I’m not a big Zep fan, but that’s a pretty flattering comparison and illustrates just how strong this material is, despite it being the band’s debut album. 25 years later it still stacks up. Take a listen to the stairway to shoegaze below and check out this week’s stellar in-stock list below that. So many exciting releases to explore! -MLE

Catherine Wheel – Ferment LP
Listen: “Black Metallic”

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This Just In: OKNOTOK

For everyone who’s been asking, yes – we have the limited edition of Radiohead’s OK Computer OKNOTOK 1997 2017 on blue vinyl! Quantities are limited, so don’t sleep on this one. The 2CD version is also available now, and the ultra limited box set version will be here within the next couple weeks, so stay …

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