This Just In: Bad Neighbor

At this point Madlib shouldn’t need an introduction. He makes even the busiest, most productive people I know question what they do with their time. Seems every few months or so he’s dropping something leaps and bounds above and beyond most active hip-hop/electronic producers – and he’s been doing it at a steady pace for like 20 years. Whether it’s collaborative, solo, or under an array of pseudonyms, he’s everywhere, whether you know it or not. Despite the fact that he’s already infiltrated your head space (maybe even against your will), I want to point out the latest Madlib drop, Bad Neighbor Instrumentals. This is the verse-less version of the 2015 MED/Blu/Madlib Bad Neighbor album, which is also excellent. Stylistically, the “instrumentals” range from hip-hop to funk, r&B, soul, and downtempo jazziness, all with steady low end, well-placed samples, and cuts/arrangements that keep each listen fresh. Check it out for yourself below, and if you’re head’s not nodding in the first 20 seconds, then I’ve got nothing (well, besides an excellent in-stock list, also below). -MLE

Madlib – Bad Neighbor Instrumentals 2LP
Listen: Full Album!
“Bang Ya Head Entertainment is gearing up to release the Instrumentals to the critically acclaimed Bad Neighbor LP by MED and Blu. All beats produced by Madlib. 15 banging instrumentals and 3 bonus beats for your enjoyment. Everything Madlib creates is innovating but the production on Bad Neighbor LP is timeless.” -Fat Beats

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