This Just In: Gremlins!!!

Everybody’s favorite Christmas-not-Christmas movie is Gremlins, right? Sorry Die Hard fans, it’s just the obvious winner. Well, what better way to celebrate Christmas (or any freakin’ day of the year) than with the incredible Mondo release of Jerry Goldsmith’s iconic Gremlins soundtrack? Ok, yeah, a soundtrack, great. But what about a soundtrack that comes packaged with incredible new artwork (by Phantom City Creative) that CHANGES COLOR IN THE SUN AND WITH EXPOSURE TO WATER, ya know, LIKE A MOGWAI!!! Come on, two out of three mogwai/gremlin rules represented in the packaging is pretty spectacular, and I wouldn’t want to rub food all over a record anyway. Check out this video of us testing it out and come grab this one-of-a-kind record today! We’re open Christmas Eve from 12-6pm and are exploding with incredible in-stocks which you can check out below. -MLE

gremlins-mondovinyl-front-dark gremlins-mondovinyl-front-light


The newest batch – new releases, reissues & restocks…

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This Just In: Because We Love You!

Yeah, that’s right – we love our customers! To show just how much we love you, this Sunday is our 2016 Customer Appreciation Party & Holiday Sale at the shop. Not only will there be snacks, drinks, tunes and fun, we’ll also be having a MASSIVE sale with deep discounts on new, used and RSD titles. Perfect timing to stock up for the holidays because NOTHING is better than the gift of music. Well, puppies and kittens are pretty good too. Stop by on Sunday the 18th from 12-5 to partake in the Sweat love, and check out this week’s in-stock list below to plan accordingly. -MLE

These stockings were made for stuffing – new releases, reissues & restocks…

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This Just In: Zappa!!!

Zappa fans rejoice! It’s a big reissue day for many things Zappa/Mothers Of Invention, including Joe’s Garage Acts I, II & III in one fancy mega package. Few musicians have had careers as prolific, influential and wacky as Zappa, and his catalog proves it. Pull up a chair with some new upholstery and dig in anywhere. Oh, and have you heard about the Zappa documentary being made by that dude (who isn’t Keanu) from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? May the vault be with you! -MLE


Lumpy Wax – new releases, reissues & restocks…

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This Just In: Reissue Roundup!

Holy hell, there are a ton of incredible reissues this week! Highly sought-after gems, anniversary editions, and essentials from the likes of Aaron Neville, Beck, Beach Boys, Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, Madonna, Magnetic Fields, Outkast, RUN-DMC, Serge Gainsbourg, Soundgarden and more are all on the shelves. Treat yo’self!!!


LP Legacy – new releases, reissues & restocks…

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