This Just In: HOT!

Love it or hate it, that Squirrel Nut Zippers song “Hell” was freakin’ EVERYWHERE in ’96. I was definitely on the hate squad, just because I was an angsty teenager and was therefore supposed to hate popular things, right? A few years later, someone I had a super mega crush on invited me to go see Squirrel Nut Zippers in Orlando. “Sure – I love that band!,” the older, still angsty, but with make out priorities version of me exclaimed. I’ll cut to the chase… This person and I never did make out, BUT Squirrel Nut Zippers were freakin’ AMAZING live and totally converted me into a fan. And ya know, “Hell” isn’t even their best track, so I can sorta stand by my original angsty opinion. So yeah, 20 years later and Hot is back on vinyl, with a bonus track, the still-compelling artwork, and the honor of reviving and old sound not once, but twice. -MLE

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hot LP
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“It was about 20 years ago when NPR’s Morning Edition said: ‘It s not easy to categorize the music of the Squirrel Nut Zippers, except that its hot.’

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Squirrel Nut Zippers most celebrated and commercially successful album Hot. Originally released in the summer of 1996, Hot was the follow up to the band’s critically acclaimed debut The Inevitable. By this time the group had already established a substantial live following across the country thanks to early support from NPR, college radio and non-commercial stations. Hot wound up selling over 1.3 million copies.

Pitchfork, which was in its second year of operation at the time, raved about Hot giving it a 9.5 and saying: ‘When you first splashdown into the CD, ya hit this realization: that people even older than your parents liked music like this. …Hot is exuberant, gin house swing without apologies and it rocks without pretense. If you can manage to resist liking it, you must be dead.’

A newly re-mastered version of the album along with a bonus track: ‘The Puffer’ (written by Squirrel Nut Zippers trumpet player the late Stacey Guess), returns to stores on July 29th 2016 on Hollywood Records. Long out of print on vinyl, Hot will make its glorious return to wax on 180-gram vinyl.

‘When I first fathomed and then formed the SNZ back in ’91, it was out of necessity a string band,’ commented leader Jimbo Mathus. ‘I didn’t know any horn players until I was introduced to Stacy Guess who was a Chapel Hill, NC native and a trumpet player. He was very serious and knowledgeable about jazz music and he taught me to write and arrange horn charts. In those early days of 93-95 when the band was on a very steep learning curve, he and I rehearsed, conversed, and composed incessantly. The Puffer is one of our collaborations. The puffer was the nickname of an old steam train that still ran through town when Stacy was a small child. We tried to make the song evocative of those strange, sometimes frightening early memories of events that we all carry in us, in this case watching this huge panting, smoking heaving mechanical beast chug thru a small mill town.’

”The Puffer’ was originally set to be included on Hot,’ drummer Chris Phillips added. ‘However, due to his personal issues at the time Guess never joined us for the recording of the album and the track sat on the shelf until Jimbo dug it up a few years later and finished it. Considering how much we loved Stacy, we thought it would be cool to finally give it a proper release.’

‘It’s been a long road folks and the music lives on,’ remarked drummer Chris Phillips. ‘We – all of us – thank all of you. This album and the success it found would not have been possible had it not been for the tireless and endlessly imaginative work of so many team members. This includes the folks at Mammoth Records, the many musicians who graced this album and the band, the amazing road crew, family and friends. Most of all, it would not have meant a thing without you, our loyal fans.'”


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This Just In: New Blues And Gospel

The title of this post is a bit misleading, so please read on. We’re not featuring NEW blues and gospel this week, but rather the reissue of Reverend Gary Davis’s New Blues & Gospel, originally released in 1971. Only four versions of this album have been released, and this, the fourth, is a beautiful blue version by Sutro Park (who also released the 180g version in 2011). This is also one of the last recorded chronicles of Davis, as he died in 1972 soon after its release. Davis is considered one of the most highly influential American musicians of all-time, spanning gospel, ragtime, blues and folk, especially with his crossover into the burgeoning American folk revival of the 1960’s. Bob Dylan covered Davis’s “Baby, Let Me Follow You Down” on his debut album – and, ya know, BOB DYLAN. Check out the trailer for the recent Davis documentary Harlem Street Singer below, and this week’s in-stock list (with some other great blues, folk, etc.) below that. -MLE

Reverend Gary Davis – New Blues & Gospel LP (Blue, ltd. to 500): GET IT NOW!!!!
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This Just In: Kollage

A true hip-hop classic reissued 20 years later. Bahamadia’s ’96 debut, Kollage, was a total sleeper hit. Even though I hung out with a lot of hip-hop heads back then, it wasn’t until a few years later that I was tipped off to this album by a friend in college. Makes sense, as this one was never really pushed to the mainstream despite hip-hop blowing the hell up at this time. Or maybe that’s what it was – stylistically, Kollage was more challenging than most of the “breakthrough” hip-hop of the time. Produced by DJ Premier, Guru & Da Beatminerz, it’s a jazzy, intelligent and laid back affair whose subtleties only reveal themselves with repeated listens. And it did make a dent in underground hip-hop/mixtape circles, so at least there was somewhat of an audience. Hopefully with this reissue that can be widened. Take a listen to a track below and check out this week’s short but sweet in-stock list as well! -MLE

Bahamadia – Kollage LP
Listen: “Rugged Ruff”
“Bahamadia’s debut album, Kollage, is a jazzy affair paced by some nifty production, courtesy of DJ Premier, Guru, and Da Beatminerz, and the MC’s own dryly gentle delivery. Despite her laid-back, even deliberate flow, she has a confident, upfront presence on the mic, with strong rhyming skills and a fondness for old-school wordplay.” -UMe

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This Just In: Soul From Colemine

There’s a long weekend ahead of us, and nothing gets a hot summer party going like some good ol’ soul music. The s/t debut full-length by Durand Jones & The Indications on sleeper hit Ohio label Colemine Records is the perfect spark for your grill and your DIY fireworks display. The sexy blue vinyl version is already out of print, so snag this one quick! Check out a full album stream below and our in-stocks below that. Sweat will be closed on the fourth, but we’ll see y’all at Gramps when Quintron & Miss Pussycat celebrate America. -MLE

Durand Jones & The Indications – S/T LP
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“Bayou-born soul sensation, Durand Jones, is bringing his raw energy to Colemine Records with his debut LP. Jones brings you fiery original soul music, pairing soaring vocal work with dusty drums, slinking guitars and screaming organs.

With a stellar background in gospel, Jones got his start in the church, singing in the choir of his hometown in rural Louisiana. When his music career took him to Bloomington, Indiana, he was selected to join the legendary Indiana University Soul Revue, and it was through his involvement that he met writer/producer duo Aaron Frazer and Blake Rhein. The three began writing original soul music, recording themselves straight to tape in the basements of Bloomington- a process which brings you the gritty sounds available on Ohio-based Colemine Records.

Sure to satisfy fans of Charles Bradley, Lee Fields, Aloe Blacc, and Leon Bridges.” -FatBeats


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