Friday the 13th Birthday Funeral for Jsin at Churchill’s

I’m still alive! Let me explain… A few years back I was given a prophecy that said I would die in a fiery crash when I was 35. In the time since I’ve grown to a new consciousness that has allowed me to accept death as the natural cycle of life. I’m not afraid to die because our energy is infinite and eternal. On November 10th I turned 36, and now that the prophecy is behind me it’s time to celebrate!

This Friday the 13th I’m hosting a free gathering at Churchill’s Pub starting at 10pm. There will be a funeral service for my old self at Midnight, and I will lie in the coffin I made while everyone says goodbye in whatever way they choose. Before and after, Giorgio of Zeitgeist, Serious George of Blunts Over Everything, and other surprise friends will be playing sounds for the occasion. I hope to see you there for my rebirth! Love and light to all.