Saturday’s Sweatstock Set Times

Tomorrow is the big day, and we hope you’re all excited as we are! Judging by the almost 2000 people who’ve RSVP’d on Facebook, Sweatstock 6 will be one for the record books!

Take a listen to all the bands playing right here on our site, then check the set times to see how you want to spend your day. Unfortunately it’s impossible to see the whole huge lineup of artists, but you should come out early and catch what you can. Definitely don’t miss the first performance by TOBACCO in Miami! Here’s how the two stages will run throughout the day:

Main Stage @ Sweat Records:
2:00 Bluejay
2:30 DJ Alex Caso
3:00 Jai Alai Mag Featuring Paraprosdokian
3:30 DJ Alex Caso
4:00 Quarter Horses
4:30 DJ Tom Laroc
5:00 John Hancock III
5:30 DJ Tom Laroc
6:00 Haochi Waves
6:30 Wastelands
7:00 Casa de Haha
7:15 Dim Past
7:45 Casa de Haha
8:00 Mr. Pauer
8:30 DJ Le Spam
9:00 Krisp
9:30 DJ Le Spam

Idle Hands & Degeneration Stage @ Churchill’s Pub:
2:00 Grit
2:30 Trench
3:00 Mr. Entertainment & The Pookiesmackers
3:30 Unity Rise
4:00 Juju Pie
4:30 Snakehole
5:00 Pariuh
5:30 Whoorish Boorish
6:00 Plastic Pinks
6:30 Caveman Cult
7:00 Livid Death
7:30 The Gun Hoes
8:00 Bleeth
8:30 Awkward Kisser
9:00 Heavy Drag
9:30 The Gazms
10:00 Crud
10:30 Heavy Drag
11:00 Sumo
11:30 Sandratz
12:00 The Ordinary Boys
12:30 Booty & The Browns
1:00 Ian Iachimoe
1:30 Suede Dudes
11:00-close DJs on Patio Stage & Green Room

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