Destroyer Knights Vol. 1: Slow Southern Steel

On February 25th we’ll be hosting Destroyer Knights Vol. 1, as one of three venues in 3 different cities at the same time, on the same day!

Enjoy a night and support local businesses and your local scene!
Check out the trailer here.

Miami: at Sweat Records 7 p.m. FREE

St. Petersburg: at The Local 662 7 p.m. FREE

Orlando: at lil indies 8 p.m. FREE

Slow Southern Steel is a film about heavy music in the modern American South, as told by the very people who have created this music during the last two decades. Shot in back alleys, parking lots, and the seedy green rooms of the dirtiest clubs that the Bible Belt failed to snuff out, these diehard musicians discuss their love of music and the south, as well as the difficulties, contradictions, and insanity that haunt every southern artist.

There are no illusions here, no apologies, no distractions – only the straight truth as told by those who would know the difference. Narrated by the notorious Dixie Dave Collins (Weedeater, buzzov-en, Bongzilla), Slow Southern Steel is an authentic and honest and thorough look at one of the most remarkable music communities ever spawned on the continent.