This Just In: Last Things Last

This week I’m excited to share a story that spans 8 years, 7 countries, 5 releases, 2 record labels and 1 marionette. But it’s actually kind of a long story, so I’ll cut to the chase… The final record by UK band Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love (aptly named Last) is out now, and it has a history rooted in Sweat. See, I’ve been putting out Low Low’s releases since 2007 through my label, Other Electricities. “Wow – that’s a long time and I’ve never heard of them!” you say. Yeah, you and most of the world. But I fell in love with their sound the moment I first heard them on Myspace in ’06 (haha), and wanted to to get their music out there.

A few summers back, Sweat had an intern from the UK, Jamie, who also happened to have a tiny label, Audio Antihero, that released a bunch of other stuff no one’s ever heard of. For some reason I showed him Low Low’s music and he actually liked it. We kept in touch through the years and when Low Low sent me the final mixes of what would be their final album, I approached Jamie about co-releasing it with me. “Let’s go broke together!” I said. Turns out Jamie is way better at promotion than he lead on, and for the first time, tons of people are actually listening to Low Low’s music. Too bad they’re not even a band anymore. For a non-band though, they really did all they could to go out with a bang, including creating an amazing music video starring a busking marionette. Anyway, if you’re into The Microphones, Sparklehorse or other assorted dirstorto-lo-fi sad bastard stuff, you might like Low Low. Check out the “Burrow” video and more info about the album below, and don’t forget the weekly in-stock list below that!

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love – Last LP:
Watch/listen: “Burrow”
Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love have been making music from just outside the Peak District since 2004. They’ve released three albums and, most recently, 2011’s Ghost E.P. on Miami’s Other Electricities. What started as two vocal harmonies and an acoustic guitar swelled to six band members around the time of 2009’s Feels, Feathers, Bog & Bees, then imploded back in on itself, leaving brothers Kelly and Ellis Dyson to see out most of these final recordings by themselves.

Last is Low Low’s fourth and final album. When the recording sessions finished, Kelly moved to London and then onto Europe. Since the day they turned the studio lights off on their way out, the tape machines, mixing desk, amplifiers and instruments have sat gathering dust. Recording was followed by a long stretch of mixing and mastering the album over and over between day jobs. Fast forward to today, and Kelly (vocals, guitars, etc.) and Ellis (drums, guitars, studio engineering, etc.) are in the strange position of releasing an album that is now just a memory.

On Last, Kelly and Ellis purposefully set out to redress what they felt was an imbalance in the channeling of their influences. Whatever lack of confidence had forced them to tend towards recording clarity over low-fi on all of Low Low’s previous albums, this time there was no doubt from the offset – Last would be resolutely low-fi. Whereas most of the songs here were recorded on 1/2 inch tape, a suite of tracks including “Guard,” “Bedroom Window” and “A World In Ruin” were put down on C90 cassette with the optional Dolby noise reduction firmly set to OFF, bestowing these tracks with a fuzzy character, excessive tape hiss and over-compression. The brothers really began to experiment with not just what they recorded, but also how they recorded. Having built and (attempted to) soundproof a small home studio, gone were the constraints of bedroom recording.

Musically, Last is less eclectic than Low Low’s previous couple of albums, but with purpose. The constricting of the band down to two members, the fixed studio and recording on tape all helped to create a cohesive thread. Low Low don’t veer far from their habits: acoustic and electric guitars, drum kit, the occasional banjo or piano. But here, on Last, the studio is an instrument itself. On “Dandelions,” a gentle folk song is buried under the white noise and tape hiss that swallowed the closing of the previous song. On “What You Wanted Most,” a shimmering Glockenspiel riff is played through a distorted amplifier. In “Bedroom Window,” the cassette tape is overloaded with drums before a swirling crescendo of amp noise engulfs everything and just as quickly dissipates. The collection is raw and sonically ragged but nothing is lost to the cacophony.

The themes on Last reflect the happenings in Kelly’s life during recording and the finality of the sessions. The songs take us through the end of a relationship, new love, goodbyes, migration and movement. Layered on top of these themes is the realisation, during writing, that these were to be Low Low’s final songs – as on the track “A World in Ruin,” on which Kelly refers to artwork for Low Low’s second album, Ends of June“Words hanging on telegraph wires, and a long list of failures.” – a bittersweet farewell, looking back on the good and the bad that life in a band brings.  It’s the album’s title track and closer though which offers “one last crash of all the cymbals”  bringing both the album and the band their conclusion:

“I’ve got nothing left to say without sending myself off to sleep,
And it doesn’t really feel all as bad as I thought it would…”


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