Valentine’s Day at Sweat With XYZA’s Telescope Thieves, Advocate & Tyord

The abundantly talented XYZA Collective returns to Sweat tomorrow night with 3 of their artists playing their each playing their 3-track EPs! Stop by this free show at 8pm to hear “Let.This.Be” by Telescope Thieves, “Balance” by Advocate, and “Winters Wither With Her” by Tyord.

Here’s the scoop from XYZA themselves:

“Every year on February 14th, millions of people around the world suffer heart ache and soul crushing pain from the affects of being left alone while the rest of us gather in groups of 2, and sometimes more, to celebrate the gift of love.

If you are one of the forgotten, just know that we at XYZA understand your pain and want to relieve you of it.

On February 14th, XYZA artists Telescope Thieves, Advocate & Tyord will come together for a show that will bring lonely hearts and held hands alike into one room for a night filled with loss, sorrow and loneliness. But let us not forget to cherish love and the people who share it.

A true celebration of hearts and emotions!”