Your Week In Sweat: Coffeehouse Discussion, Krisp, Cassette Store Day

We have 3 great events in the shop to carry you through the weekend! Join the the Miami Coffeehouse Discussion Group tonight at 7pm to talk aobut mimimum wage, education issues, and more. The discussion is free and open to everyone.

Friday night we welcome the Krisp to the Sweat stage! Moon Caravan will be starting off the night before them. This free, all-ages show starts at 7pm.


This Saturday is the second annual Cassette Store Day! It starts off at 6pm at Sweat with live performances by Sweet Bronco, Eurasia, and Montage. While you’re here buy the Cheap Miami compilation tape and get free entrance to Churchill’s Pub where you can catch 14 more bands. Find set times for the whole festival under the poster below. Read all about it in the New Times, and we’ll be seeing you!


6:30 – Montage
7:00 – Euroasia
7:30 – Sweet Bronco

(Main Stage)
8:20 – Fus Ro Dahs
9:00 – Pariah
9:40 – Wastelands
10:20 – The Gun Hoes
11:00 – Plastic Pinks
11:40 – Deaf Poets
12:20 – Sandratz
12:40 – Sonic Graffiti

(Visual Stage, Anime/Hentai playing in the background)
8:40 – The Bearings
9:20 – Buffy
10:00 – Booty & The Browns
10:40 – The Gazms
11:20 – Band In Heaven
12:00 – The Grey 8s