TURN ON! Debuts October 16th at Sweat

Dear fellow music obsessives,

Is your browser history full of Discogs and Allmusic hits?
Is your significant other weary of hearing about whatever subgenre you’re currently obsessed with?
Have you agonized over the proper way to organize your collection?
Do you wish you could unabashedly geek out about music while drinking free beer?

If so you’re in luck! Join us here at Sweat Records on the evening of Thursday, October 16th for our first TURN ON!, a new monthly interactive discussion group for music fiends (and the curious).

There will be a short “expert” presentation followed by a discussion of crowd-submitted topics, with time at the end for a music nerd schmooze. All ideas and viewpoints welcome! Lousy attitudes not welcome.

Thursday, October 16th, 7-9pm at Sweat | Free PBR while supplies last