Your Week In Sweat: Emerge Miami, Eden Grey, Vincent Moon

Your week inside of Sweat Records started off great with a magnificent DJ performance by Nightmares On Wax! Huge thanks to them and everyone who came out last night!


Today we host the Emerge Miami meeting, and everyone is welcome to join them from 7-8pm for the good of Miami. Saturday night is the release party for Eden Grey! Her new EP Red Planet of Spring is coming out on local label King’s Head Records, and you’ll definitely want to pick that up. Sounds start at 7pm with Phantasman opening up this free, all-ages show. Don’t miss it!


Internationally acclaimed independent filmmaker Vincent Moon is coming to Miami for an exclusive Florida visit. Indie Film Club Miami’s Filmgate Interactive Program presents an intimate conversation with him this Thursday at The Screening Room, and you can register here for that free event. You can purchase tickets (space is limited!) for the full workshop which continues Saturday at the Little Haiti Cultural Center and Sunday at Sweat Records, here.

“The New York Times stated in 2011 that French indie filmmaker Vincent Moon reinvented the music video. Filming in odd locations, with lo-fi gear, using a cinéma vérité one take style, Vincent stripped the performance to its raw, enigmatic core – just the performer, their music and the environment. He has worked with bands like Arcade Fire, the National, R.E.M., Beirut, Mogwai among others. Vincent has made several tour documentaries and designed an online video companion to the R.E.M.’s 2008 album “Accelerate.” Just when he became well known, he also became restless. He abandoned his life in Paris and has been on the road ever since. Vincent is an independent artist, creating in the age of new technology, making all of his work free and open to the public under the creative commons license.”