Zenith Model MPS90W-1 Six-Speaker Portable Stereo

Spin-Alley has brought us another winner! Hurry to Sweat before this fully restored vintage turntable is gone!

The Zenith Model MPS90W-1 portable stereo is a 6-speaker system with a solid-state amplifier. It has a luggage style cabinet with twin detachable speaker units. It features the Zenith Micro-Touch 2G Tonearm with “Free-Floating” cartridge.

The Zenith 2G “Stereo Precision” record changer automatically plays six 331/3, six 45, six 78 or six 16 rpm records. It also automatically plays an intermix of 10″ and 12″ same-speed records.

The six Zenith quality speakers will fill any room with excellent tonal qualities at all volume levels.