Sweatstock #5/RSD ’14 Recap

Dear friends,

It took us a while to recover but we are happy to report that Sweastock #5/Record Store Day 2014 was the best day ever! The RSD exclusives flew off the shelves, the 30+ bands and DJs kicked ass, there was free Panther Coffee and ice cream, All Access Photo Booth were snapping pics, Ms. Cheezious was slinging grilled cheese all day long, and a wonderful time was had by all. The best part – IT DIDN’T RAIN!

Thanks to everyone who came/helped/played, and super huge thanks to our main sponsors: Awesome Foundation Miami (go apply for one of their grants!), Ben & Jerry’s (eat ice cream!), Spotify (stream music!), and KIND (snack it up!) for their generous support in helping to keep Sweatstock free to the public.

Please visit our Sweatstock recap page for reviews, info, more thanks, and a bunch of really great photo galleries. Next year will be Sweat’s 10th (!) anniversary so we will be doing it up big. Stay tuned.

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