Behold: The RCA Victor 45 Phonograph

Every time Spin Alley brings us their gorgeously restored phonographs, we post them on Instagram and they fly off the shelves. We only have one left from the last batch, and you can watch it in action and read their words about it here:

The RCA Victor 45 players were the “ipod” of their day. You would just pack a bunch of 45s into your case and take your records and portable player to a party or a sleep-over. Manufactured by RCA starting in 1950 it included a built-in 3-tube amplifier and speaker and featured a completely redesigned record changer. Up to 13 or 14 records can be stacked at once! This player model 45-EY-3 is portable and includes a completely enclosed case with lid and carrying handle. This model boasts excellent sound quality when the lid is closed and is also a favorite of collectors today. It has been retrofitted with a stereo cartridge so that it will play modern stereo 45s.

If you want this vintage gem, stop by the shop today because it will go fast!


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