This Just In: RSD Insanity!

So, even though this is “This Just In,” where I ramble on about something and then list records, this week is obviously a special case due to Record Store Day on Saturday. And, sorry, but I’m not going to paste a list hundreds of titles deep of what we have, ’cause that’s no fun.

Saturday morning, April 19th, we open our doors at 9AM so you can get a crack at those highly-sought-after RSD titles and all the other wax you’ve been saving your pennies for. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that we have a tradition of letting those who lined up extra early call “dibs” on one title, so someone who rolled up right at 9, chowing down on Taco Bell breakfast, doesn’t push ahead of them and snag said title. So be in line before 8 for your best chance at getting the piece you lust after most. Please remember that 700 stores participate in this event and some titles are limited to 1000 or waaaaaay less in other cases. Basic maths therefore dictate that we don’t have craploads of any one title. But we do have a lot of RSD titles – a few hundred actually.

We’ve also restocked the regular racks and stuffed the used bins to the best of our ability, and we think there will be something for everyone on the floor this Saturday. “What about discounts?” you ask. Well, how about a free, all-day, all-ages block party with 28 bands, food trucks and gobs of free stuff like Panther Coffee, Ben & Jerry’s and KIND Bars? Waaaaay better than a discount in my opinion.

Our staff has worked hard to make this the best RSD/Sweatstock ever. We hope you all have an incredible time and can’t thank you enough for supporting Sweat over the past 9 years!