Casa De Haha Returns to Sweat Tonight

After tonight’s Emerge Miami meeting, Casa de Haha returns to Sweat! Last Monday Daniel Reskin took his crew to The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse for a live taping of the new variety talk show (find one of the segments below!), Casa de Haha Tonight. It was such a success that they’ll be doing it again, so make sure you like their facebook page for future event info.

Tonight’s comedy showcase starts at 8pm, and there’s no cover or drink minimums, so don’t miss it!


1 thought on “Casa De Haha Returns to Sweat Tonight

  1. It was great!

    Sweat has almost 3 stages: 1 were there is this progressive platform were anyone can express their political views and get inspired by others, and the next door stage, of course the Churchill’s one, were one can also listen to some very laud music and drink some souts, and the last one, i guess that’s the one im intrigued, the outside, were the world has no limits.

    i recommend it, come next time, get some records, drinks, vegan food and tip the guys outside, they care for your car even thou if you dont want, well, its just their job, and i mean, a dollar does not gonna be what you think, but at least its some incentive for this random economy.

    well, again, great idea the store has, always impressive to go and listen to what its there, being played.

    also, lots of zines, and local music…


    again, tip everyone, its just wonderful to tip the people with some of that hard earn money, but yes, we are all working for a better place.


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