Tom Tom Magazine’s “First Beat” at PAMM is a Must-See

This Saturday brings “First Beat,” a special drum performance taking place throughout the freshly opened, Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)! Starting at 1pm and every hour, on the hour, 15 female drummers (from Miami and New York City) will fill PAMM with beats intended to be performed exclusively by men, but were re-written to be performed by everyone! This commissioned performance is composed by Mindy Abovitz, founder and publisher of Tom Tom Magazine, the only publication dedicated to female drummers. The museum will be free for visitors of all ages who will also be able to create their own percussion instruments to join in on the fun. Witness this groundbreaking event while having the opportunity to experience Miami’s new museum! Look below for the schedule and locations of the featured drummers.

1pm – Act 1: Wham, Bam, PAMM
A piece written by Maia Macdonald that can be performed by all. This is a rite of passage beat, calling on tradition and innovation. It transports us to this new meeting place for art and culture.

2pm – Act 2:2
We commemorate the museum’s opening with a movement based on a 2/2 time signature signifying PAMM’s monthly second Saturday program. This piece will last 2 minutes and 22 seconds and is written by Chloe Saavedra.

3pm – Act 3: 12/14/13
We celebrate the date of the event with a piece inspired by the numbers 12, 13 and 14 and is written by Chloe Saavedra.

4pm – Wham, Bam, Jam
We invite museum-goers to play music with each performing drummer at their station – bring your own instruments along for this drumming jam finale.

Drummer Locations:
1. Museum Entrance in front of Wei Wei Rooster – Maia Macdonald (Kit)
2. Bay Front Steps – Mindy Abovitz (Kit)
3. Front Lobby – Chloe Saavedra (Kit)
4. Landing – Kiran Gandhi (Kit)
5. Craft Gallery – Zeva Soroker and Maria Llorca (Hand Drummers)
6. Geometry Room – Tricia Thompson and Nikki Fernandez (Hand Drummers)
7. Sosnowska Project Room – Inez Barlatier and Toya Weste (Hand Drummers)
8. Photo Room – Emile Milgrim (Kit)
9. Ai Wei Wei Gallery – Sean Desiree (Kit)
10. Garden Balcony – Ale Campos (Kit)
11. The Garage Spot – Adonnas Jones (Kit)