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With Black Friday (and Small Business Saturday) only a few days away, I would imagine your holiday shopping process is something akin to dunking your head in a bucket of water and screaming…

But, hey, guess what?! If you’re shopping for an audiophile, Sweat Records has got (brace yourself) the perfect gifts. And I really stand by that statement.


Giving never sounded so good...

Dave Grohl is telling you to buy them already...









LSTN headphones are made of recycled guitar, banjo, and violin wood, so each and every headphone in their entire product line are instantly unique pieces of “art” with a variety colors to choose from.  That means that these headphones RESONATE, and they resonate profoundly, because some of the proceeds go to the Starkey Hearing Foundation. So by purchasing these for a loved one, your enabling them to listen to music like they never have heard before whilst supporting a foundation that works towards helping people hear again, period.




Grado SR80i

Grados have arrived to Sweat! I first heard about them an interview with the psychedelic drone band, Belong. I was thrilled to learn that these amazing cans are built here in the United States by a family in Brooklyn. The packaging looks cheap and the box is lightweight, but by no means does this denote a lack in quality. They are like small speakers perfectly calibrated for your ears.  When you listen to music on Grados, you start to note a difference in quality compared to other over-ear/on-the-ear headphones.  Grados unpack more sound out of your vinyl, mp3 player, etc. because of their magnificent soundstage.  Best part is that they’re made in America.  U S A ! U S A ! U S A !

If you’re going to bother listening, get your money’s worth, and hear everything. So come get the best headphones in Miami and give back like you’ve never given back before!

This article was an audio dictation by Edward Adames, with transcription and further editing by Matt Preira.

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