Your Week In Sweat: Emerge Board Game Night, Reeve Schumacher, Hip Hop Showcase

Tonight at Sweat we have an Emerge Miami double header! The weekly meeting begins at 7pm, with Board Game Night starting right after at 8.


This weekend we have a couple more free, all-ages shows for your enjoyment. Friday at 8pm we welcome French musician REEVE SCHUMACHER performing live at Sweat with an opening set by DRACULA!

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 2.02.00 PM

On Saturday it’s the Dream on, Dreamer Hip Hop Showcase featuring Boston to Miami transplant RID JETSON, plus Washington D.C. artists MORGAN and 202LYC. STEFISDOPE will host the event with DJ SLICK RICK spinning between acts. It runs from 7-9pm, so make it your early stop before heading out. See you at Sweat!

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