This Just In: Long Dark Blues

Songs: Ohia – Magnolia Electric Co. 10th Anniversary Deluxe 2LP+10”:
As I was leaving a friend’s house late one night in 2002, she stopped me on the way out, handed me a CD and was surprised when I said I hadn’t heard it before. It was Songs: Ohia’s Axxess & Ace. I put it in the CD player of my mom’s crappy Ford station wagon for the drive home, and as cliché as it sounds, my life changed forever. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if liked it at first… the guy’s voice was whiny and the lyrics were maybe a little too deep. But for some reason I couldn’t stop listening for days on end. Thus, my love affair with Jason Molina began – and it was deep. Luckily there was so much of his material available at that point that I was able to feed my obsession, digesting anything Molina-penned I could find.

Molina was there when I moved across the country and back again. He was there through my first awful breakup (and second, third, fourth…). Through shitty jobs, shitty friends, shitty days, shitty anything, he was a constant. He was my, and one of the world’s best-kept secrets – a songwriter with no pretense who didn’t seem to be writing for an audience, even though everything he wrote was like it was written for, to, or about you.

But honest, painful, relatable music doesn’t just come out of nowhere. Molina suffered from a massive struggle with alcoholism, and it did catch up to him. I was sitting with my dad on that day when I got a text: “I just heard about Jason Molina. I’m so sorry.” But I hadn’t heard yet, and when I put two and two together I burst into tears. My dad asked what was wrong. “An old friend just died.”

10 years ago Secretly Canadian released what was (maybe) the last proper Songs: Ohia album, before the project was officially renamed. It was a massive record, creeping into your bones from the onset of “Farewell Transmission,” – a reconfigured sound somehow full of more ghosts than we’d ever heard from Molina before. Even the artwork was a stark departure from previous offerings. While it seemed this shift in sound and appearance might polarize die-hard fans, some see Magnolia Electric Co. as his opus. Whatever your personal take on it or Molina’s work in general, it’s hard to deny that Magnolia Electric Co. can be considered a classic American Rock album that will be discovered for years to come by many getting their first taste of that good ol’ sad bastard music.


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