Last Reflektors Tickets On Sale Tuesday, Pre-Party Here Before The Show Thursday

The absolute last batch of Reflektors tickets for Thursday’s show at the Little Haiti Cultural Center will be on sale here tomorrow (Tuesday) at 5:30pm.  Same deal as the previous two batches: one per person, cash ONLY.  Last time the Churchill’s ATM ran out of cash so come prepared!

Also, we’re having a pre-party!  Will call at the venue opens at 5pm and doors aren’t until 7 so if you’ve got time to kill or just want to come hang with us we’ll be here with complimentary snacks and beverages from 5-7pm.  Get your costumes ready and we’ll see you then!


2 thoughts on “Last Reflektors Tickets On Sale Tuesday, Pre-Party Here Before The Show Thursday

  1. Sorry for the copy and paste, but I’m in a little bit of a rush. From my Facebook:

    Sweat Records is awesome, but their earnest attempts in getting cheap tickets out to Arcade Fire fans really backfired. Check out these prices for their tix on Craigslist. They were $35 originally and now they’re going for upwards of $150 (and some are asking for nearly $300 or more). If you bought them online though, you have to show up with the purchasing credit card day of the show to pick them up.

    In short, scalpers are scum and Sweat, you unfortunately ain’t really helping.

  2. Hi John,

    We agree that scalpers are scum, but it isn’t our show, we were just the outlet. We were also not the only outlet. We also truly bent over backwards to sell the tickets at times where the real fans could get tickets. At any of the pre-sales simply showing up even 30 minutes early would have guaranteed you a ticket (and we only sold one per person to further dissuade potential scalpers).

    We unfortunately can’t control what people do with the paper tickets, but we know we did our best to give fans ample opportunity to get one for themselves.

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