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I’m stoked to have one of my all-time favorite records in the store this week, Terry Riley’s In C. If you’re into classical, minimal, avant-garde or anything that takes patient, attentive listening, please check this out if you haven’t already. Since I’m not always the best with words, I’ll let classical music writer Tom Service speak about In C’s history, theory and significance… And don’t forget the ultra-mega list of other titles we have in this week down below!

Terry Riley – In C 180g LP:
“…When Riley came up with In C on a bus ride in San Francisco, it was a piece that was important to him for different reasons. The work crystallised his musical thinking up to that point (as Keith Potter reveals in his book Four Musical Minimalists): his interest in improvisation – already cultivated thanks to collaborations with Pauline Oliveros, Morton Subotnick and others – and his love of John Coltrane and Miles Davis. In C also reflected and refracted the inspiration of the repetitive musical structures he had heard and loved in north African music. It was written as a piece that was defined by the interactions between the members of a diverse group of musicians and which would be different in terms of duration, structure and tempo every time it was played. And, like so many of the greatest musical breakthroughs, In C is simple to understand, but rich, subtle and diverse when you hear it performed.

In C’s score is made from 53 musical modules, fragments of musical material and melodies (and not all of them in the key of C either. As the piece progresses, different waves of pitch-centres and modalities are cycled through.) The players move steadily through the fragments, although they can omit them as well, and the modules can be played faster or slower than they’re written, accompanied by an ever-present chiming octave C in a piano or mallet instrument. (The idea for that time-keeping piano part could have been Steve Reich’s, who, along with Oliveros and Subotnick, was part of the ensemble who played the piece for the first time at the San Francisco Tape Centre.) How many times each is repeated, and how long a performance lasts, will vary each time the piece is played by different forces: it’s possible to race through it in 20 minutes, or to luxuriate in it for an hour and a half.

Part of In C’s notoriety is that it also seems to embody the hippy-ish sensibility of west coast America at the time, and to evoke a trippy, blissed-out state of musical mind. (On his own use of drugs, Riley told William Duckworth that LSD was ‘the element of the consciousness-raising movement … [with] marijuana as a sister drug … It had a lot to do with those times, you know. There was something emerging then that people were hungry for: almost as a public at large, especially young people. I know we weren’t interested in making money. We were really only interested in having these mystical experiences.’). But that’s to miss the point of In C’s musical qualities, and its subtly brilliant answer to the conundrum of how you create a piece that simultaneously empowers its performers and insists that they listen to each other and take responsibility for the performance as much as the composer, but which is also always essentially itself, a piece that cannot be mistaken for any other. In C does that brilliantly. Along with Cardew’s ‘Paragraph 7’ from The Great Learning, it’s as elegant and beautiful a solution as there is.”  -Tom Service (UK Guardian)


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Naughty By Nature – S/T LP
Neu! – Neu! LP
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Nocturama 2LP
Nina Simone – Little Girl Blue LP
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Velvet Underground & Nico – S/T LP
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Wu-Tang – Biochemical Equation LP, Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 1 2LP
Young Echo – Nexus 2LP

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