SUPERFLY Party For Overtown Music Project This Saturday

The Overtown Music Project is a local non-profit that “celebrates the music, history and spirit of Overtown in its heyday.”  Overtown (in case you hadn’t heard) has an incredibly rich history and hosted some of the most famous black entertainers of all time in the (shameful) days when they could perform at the fancy hotels on South Beach…but not stay there.  Greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday all crossed the bridge and got down in Overtown.

Besides raising awareness of this important local and cultural history, OMP also throws amazing events all over Miami and their next one is this Saturday!  Get SUPERFLY from 8pm to midnight at Avenue D (8 South Miami Ave) with live performances by Austin Paul, Komakozie, OSG Old Skool Gang, DJ Carmel Ophir, and more. Tickets for the event are available here and all proceeds benefit the OMP.