Dim Past’s ‘Black Dolphin’ Released Today on Other Electricities / Roofless Records

The team that brought you one of the best records released from South Florida in a while, now brings us the debut release from the torch-bearer of Negative Rave in Miami. DIM PAST‘s ‘Black Dolphin‘ EP is out today on Other Electricities / Roofless Records, and you can get it at Sweat Records or online here in it’s 12″ vinyl / digital versions. If you haven’t caught Dim Past live at events like GET LOW and Sweatstock, I highly suggest you experience one of his Florida release shows or his opening performance for inc. in July.

Black Dolphin is the debut release from Dim Past, a new techno project from Miami, Florida. Mixed and Mastered by Adames in 3-D VHS studios, this 30-minute, four-song EP is the primogenial transmission from a key player in South Florida’s presently-festering Negative Rave clique. Occult Circuitry (no computers) were utilized exclusively in the composing and recording of this inaugural Black Acid communique.

Dim Past emerges from the self-immolated ruins of extreme and purposefully disfigured rock music. Subsequently, the marshland elec-tropi-cult avatar circumvents traditional beat-oriented soundscapes with a set of tools distinct from those historically employed by classic Techno, House, and Disco. The end result is fresh electronica that comfortably and confidently pairs two of contemporary EDM’s most prominent sub-movements: primal, post-punk, high-contrast headhunter rhythm, and nostalgic-but-forward-looking synthesizer revivalism.