Skate Jam Mixtape! Ultimate Roll Out Volume I by Lolo + DJ Hottpants

Back in 2006, my good friend DJ Hottpants and I did a weekly party at a roller rink in Ft. Lauderdale.  It was called ROLL OUT and it was amazing (there were boozy slushies).  This was the first flier:


Hottpants and I got together recently and created two volumes of tracks to commemorate the party.  Our frequent spins included freestyle, pop, electro, divas, hip hop, indie, and classic skate jams.  Both mixes are tons of fun (perfect for a workout) and end with a slow jam for the “couples skate”.

Please listen and follow on Spotify!  We’ll post Vol. II next week!

Ultimate Roll Out Vol. I by Lolo + DJ Hottpants