Sweatstock 2013 Wrap-Up

Whew.  Took us a few days to recover but holy awesome, this year’s Sweatstock was definitely the best one yet!


Rain? We don’t care about no stinkin’ rain.  Some of us danced in it, some of us went inside for a little, the show went on!  Everything else about the day rocked: satisfied RSD customers (anyone waiting before 8:30am got to claim one “top pick”), loads of great performances, mountains of free nachos… we could go on and on.

Here are links to photos and reviews:

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Beached Miami Photo Gallery

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New Times – Sweatstock 2013: Beatmachines and Otto Von Schirach!
New Times – Sweatstock 2013: ANR, This Heart Electric, Testokra!

New Times – Sweatstock 2013: World of Shit, Nunhex, Beastplague

As per tradition we’ve turned the preview page into the recap page, so click here for photos, thank yous, y mucho mas.  HUGE EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO OUR INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN TO KEEP SWEATSTOCK FREE!  Here’s a pic of all the packages of t-shirts, cards, and “Sweet on Sweat” tickets that went out yesterday.


Next Sweatstock/Record Store Day is Saturday, April 19th, 2014.  Mark your calendars and thanks again for an awesome day and for eight amazing years.