Sweatstock: Extra! Extra!

Hey all, beyond the bands and the RSD releases, there are lots of other features and happenings at this year’s Sweatstock.  We hope to see you at some point during the day, and if you’re shop-hopping make sure to visit Uncle Sam’s on Miami Beach, Radio-Active Records in FTL, and Record Rack in Pompano. Read on and pardon all the exclamation points…

Sweatstock Super Bonus Goodies!

*$3.50 Beck’s ALL DAY at Churchill’s, and a special “sampling hour” (you know what that means) from 2-3pm.

*The first 200 customers will receive a bag FILLED with vinyl, CDs, stickers, and more.  We’re clearing house and YOU will reap the benefits!

*The first 100 bags are limited tote bags by Other Electricities, RSD, and more!

*The first 100 customers will receive a a free RSD vinyl sampler, and a copy of Mike Mineo‘s “Beach Season” LP courtesy of Nevernothing Records!

*Free (strong, delicious) Panther Coffee cold brew during the day!


*The Casa de Ha-ha comics will make the funnies between acts on the Sweat Street Stage!  They’ll also be giving out concert tickets from LiveNation!

*CrossFit305/CrossFitA1A will be hosting mini competitions with prizes!

*At 3:30pm the kids from the awesome non-profit The Motivational Edge in Allapttah will perform!  TME offers tutoring as well as lyric expression and music/recording classes to teens in under-resourced communities.

*KIND Bar will be giving out snacks!

*Lime Fresh Mexican will be setting up a complimentary nacho bar!

*Car2Go will have their reps and vehicles out so you can learn more about car-sharing!

*As part of the O, Miami Poetry Festival, NY artist Andrea Cote will be setting up her participatory performance “Memorized”.

In the interactive performance “Memorized,” participants are invited to write their favorite line from a poem with chalk on a blackboard. Before writing, each participant erases the previous person’s text from the board before replacing it with their own. A photograph is taken of each excerpt. These images will be uploaded as a slideshow on flickr and vimeo, creating a meta-poem online.

*FOOD!  Ms. Cheezious, gastroPod, Veggie Xpress, Roc Kat Ice Cream Co.

Whew, that should be most of it.  Please carpool or ride your bike if you can and see you Saturday!

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