Read It! RSD Rules + Regulations

Hey all!  Here’s a little primer on how Record Store Day works.  Please read on whether you’re an RSD virgin or veteran, as some of the rules have changed…

The RSD exclusives are extremely limited pressings, and each release is sold directly from the label or (somewhat mysteriously) allocated to distributors.  In order to even order the RSD exclusives, stores have to sign a pledge promising to adhere to the guidelines.  We can order as many copies as we’d like, but still might only receive one or two, or in some lousy cases, not receive it at all.  There is literally nothing we can do about this.

All that said, WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT HOLD ANY TITLES FOR YOU.  Everything is first come, first served and one per release per person when we open at 9am on Saturday, April 20th.  You can call us and beg, but we signed the pledge and are keeping our word.

We don’t know what we’re actually going to receive until a few days before RSD.  We are doing our damnedest to order as many goodies as possible, but nothing is guaranteed…except a great time at Sweatstock!  Thanks so much and see you all on 4/20.

We ain’t lettin’ down Ambassador Jack!

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