See Snoop Dogg REINCARNATED at O Cinema for Free

REINCARNATED is a Vice and Snoopadelic Films documentary directed by Andy Capper that traces the life of hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg. Watch as he embarks on a “journey of reincarnation of self” that is equal parts spiritual reawakening and career reinvention as Snoop Lion.

REINCARNATED premieres at O CINEMA March 15th and runs until the 21st. We’re giving you 3 ways to win tickets: by leaving a comment on this blog with valid email address, liking and commenting when we post this on Facebook, or retweeting this post on Twitter. Ready, go!

Reincarnated movie poster

6 thoughts on “See Snoop Dogg REINCARNATED at O Cinema for Free

  1. I watched this trailer last semester in my class on Rastafarianism and I CANNOT wait to see it 🙂 Been checking the premiere date for a while now. I’m really curious to see his awakening and the journey it takes him on, especially through the lens of VICE. They never fail to leave the viewer with deep resonance.

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