Dear friends of Sweat!  Mark your calendars: our fourth Sweatstock block party/music festival is Saturday, April 20th!

We’ll celebrating EIGHT years of Sweat Records and Record Store Day 2013 with a full day of live music, DJs, food trucks and of course VINYL.

This year though, we are asking for your help! Today we are launching an Indiegogo campaign (like Kickstarter, but you get to keep your funds regardless of the goal) today to help us raise the funds we need to put it on.

Screen shot 2013-01-30 at 8.18.53 PM

The festival itself is the main perk, but we have some extra goodies like exclusive t-shirts, a private Waffle Party, and more! If you have a rad business (or know of one), we also put the business-level sponsorships on there too.

All the info you could ever want to know is on there, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Even $10 is a huge help as we’re trying to keep the festival free and local into the future. There are other non-monetary ways to help too so check out our campaign and thank you in advance!!!!!!

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