I.N.C. 2013

Next week marks the 10th anniversary of International Noise Conference. Yup, for 10 years, noise legend Frank “Rat Bastard” Falestra has worked hard to bring together experimental musicians from around the world and let them have their 15 minutes, of, well… perhaps it’s best summed up in his own words:

“The conference has become an institution that represents the ground-floor noise underground.  It features over 100 artists that are free to create any ear drum shattering misadventure they wish, some leaning more heavy on noise, some that vaguely resemble actual music. Along with the event’s free entry comes near-constant succession of 15 minute or less performances performed back-to-back, no-breaks. Audience response is nearly always positive and often euphoric. Sonic highlights are strings of effects pedals and low-tech instrumentation usually processing some sort of primitive sound source.”

If you’ve been to I.N.C before (and probably played at it too), you know what’s up. But if you haven’t been, make the 10th I.N.C. your 1st. The cheapest of festivals can’t beat free and the loudest of loud and weirdest of weird can’t hold a candle (or contact mic?) to this.

I.N.C. 2013: Feb 6-9 at Churchill’s Pub. Freeeeeeeeeee!