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Sunday, February 3rd at 7pm you can bet we’ll be at this Filmgate Miami event! The MBC Great Directors Series presents The Alchemist: ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY, in collaboration with Indie Film Club Miami they’re showing the Miami premiere of the restored Director’s Cut of EL TOPO (The Mole), plus a live webcast Q&A with the legendary Alejandro Jodorowsky and his son Brontis!

“It was the landmark cult film that began the whole Midnight Movie phenomena of the counterculture crazy 1970s. El Topo was the most talked about, most controversial quasi-Western head trip ever made.”

We’re giving away tickets to this event at MIAMI BEACH CINEMATHEQUE to true fans! Comment below with your favorite scene from the movie, and we’ll pick a winner tomorrow at 4pm.

7 thoughts on “EL TOPO Screening at MBC With ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY Webcast

  1. One of my favorite scenes from El Topo has to be after El Topo kills the third master gunfighter, and the master gunfighter is lying on pool of his own blood while all the rabbits around him are also dying.

  2. my favorite scene is when he makes his own son bury his first toy the teddy bear and the portrait of his mother and he tells him “you’re now 7 years old, you’re a man” I read somewhere that it was truly his son’s first toy and picture of his mom, Jodorowsky said he regrets making his son do those things.

  3. Cobra: The screening is for those who, in a life and death situation, would choose EL TOPO (The Mole) over the Super Bowl :-)(Actually its the closing event for FILMGATE, and the time Alejandro was available, so there you go. Or…there are other Jodorowsky films to follow, Thursdays in February: FANDO Y LIS, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, SANTA SANGRE). Hope to see you there!

  4. There are many scenes in El Topo that I am very fond of. But, if I had to select a favorite, I’d go with the opening scene of the film. This scene encompasses everything that I love about the film. It’s beautiful, surreal, mysterious, and transforms the viewer to another world. The scene also produced what is perhaps the single most iconic image from the film. You can view the opening scene here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?nomobile=1&v=gdxrstnZo4E

  5. The quotes which have always stuck in my head are from the scenes where he confronts the various masters “When I made this, I didn’t think it would be useful. I just tried to make it the best way I possibly could” also “too much perfection is a mistake” and in the scene with master who has the flute “We’ll get to know each other through music”. Call me a sick bastard but if I had to choose one scene from the movie it’s from the second half of the film when there in the church passing around the revolver that formerly contained a blank, in what was a form of faith based Russian roulette. They kept passing it around chanting milagro! milagro! Until the child catches the real round, sick but genius

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