Sweetcakes Are Here!

Tides turn, the earth travels around the sun, and life goes on…  Sadly, our friends at Earthcakes have called it quits for a while so we won’t be carrying their treats anymore.  However, we have some really good news:


Sweetcakes, who have a shop at Midtown (3301 NE 1st Ave.), are making special vegan cupcakes just for us.  We’re going to rotate flavors for a while to see what our customers like the best, so this week we’ve got chocolate-espresso-banana and vanilla bean-lemon and let me tell you – WHOA.  The cake is unbelievable fluffy and the icing is sweet and creamy.  Simply put, they are perfect.


Stay tuned as in a few weeks we’re going to have a Sweetcakes tasting party!  In the meantime, come out to Emerge Miami’s Board Game Night and enjoy one at the special tonight-only price of just $1.50 for a full-sized cupcake!  We’re sure you’ll love them as much as we do.