VOTE and Drink Free at Sweat!

Tomorrow is Election Day!  We couldn’t be more excited and are waking up super early to vote before the shop opens at noon, AND we’re offering a treat if you do the same…

The first 20 customers who come in and flash us their “I VOTED” sticker will get a free regular coffee or tea!  We’d obviously like it if you picked up something else too but we’re feeling so patriotic that it’s not mandatory.  Just stop by and grab an almond milk latte or a “Vanilla Iced Rice Baby” and bask in the glow of the democratic process.

Also, here at Sweat we obviously support Barack Obama.  We believe in things like affordable healthcare, equal rights, protecting the environment, and the ability for women to make their own damn healthcare decisions, amongst others.  The site 90 DAYS, 90 REASONS has some great writing on all the rest.  Happy voting!

1 thought on “VOTE and Drink Free at Sweat!

  1. ‎”So yes, go out and vote. Go vote for Barack Obama, and whatever other Democrats or progressives are running for office where you live. To vote for a Mitt Romney – to vote for the modern right anywhere in the West today – is an act of national suicide. The right is hollow to its core; it has no dreams, no vision, no plans to deal with any of the problems that confront us, only infantile fantasies of violence and consumption. But it is, at the moment, well funded, well organized, and feeling especially threatened. It is capable of anything.”

    — Kevin Baker

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