PASSION PIT Ticket Giveaway

Mad for “Manners”? Gaga for “Gossamer”?  Well you’re about to get your fix because PASSION PIT are coming to the Hollywood Arts Park next Tuesday night and you could win tickets right here!

You know the drill, enter by commenting below with a valid email address.  We’ll select a winner Tuesday at 5pm.  No duplicate entries!  Tickets are still available right here.  Good luck!

16 thoughts on “PASSION PIT Ticket Giveaway

  1. i knew it would cause a bit of a stir, but i did it anyway… a few weeks ago after spinning gossamer for the 100th time, i typed “gossamer is better than manners” in a similar comment box online…and as expected, ppl got pissed! i understand the attachment to breakout albums that “you discovered first” or scream-along tracks that remind you of raucous nights at the pickle/white room/w/e., but it’s soooo much harder to drop a sophomore album that has any sort of depth or sense of profoundness, without losing a band’s integral characteristics. especially after the hangover of shining lights, ‘fame & fortune’, rave press and sold out show,etc. that most “new” bands succumb to. so..there i said it, and i’ll say it again, gossamer kicks ass.

  2. it’s nice to see:
    A. more contemporary stuff being booked at artspark
    B. a band like passion pit coming to south florida

    i’ve spun both passion pit albums while painting and both are highly inspirational… if you don’t know it, learn! you won’t regret it

  3. Everything’s always better
    Whenever you are under dressed
    I wanted to tell you then
    To try the bird’s nest.

    Insta: @cyntheeaaah

  4. Apologies for the delay, our internet was out last night. Anyhoo… the randomizer chose #4 so congrats to Graciela! Stay tuned to our blog and FB for more upcoming giveaways including Temper Trap, Primus and more.

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