MATT & KIM Ticket Giveaway

We cannot deny our love for this boisterous couple…  Matt & Kim played an actual in-store performance at Sweat #2, aka our ridiculously tiny temporary space in the back of Churchill’s and they had a great effing time, bless ’em!  Later on we got to properly host them at the Upper East Side Garden but we’ll always appreciate that they got sweaty in Sweat.

Anyhoo, fast-forward and now they’re huge and playing the Fillmore this Sunday night!  We’re giving away a pair of tickets and you know the drill to enter – comment below with a valid email address and we’ll select a winner at random today at 5pm.  No duplicate entries!  We’ll contact the winner via email so make sure to check yours.  Tickets are still available online here.  Good luck!

19 thoughts on “MATT & KIM Ticket Giveaway

  1. I could not see them at Lola Pallooza two years ago because it was to crowed. I would love to make it in Miami.

  2. These years they come and go
    But today it’s here to stay
    I said I know
    I know where you’re coming from

    And I would love some tickets!


    Never let your mark erase
    ’cause broken legs can be replaced
    two steps to the finish line
    three sips till I finish mine
    a straw will always suck it out
    close your eyes and use your mouth
    and tell me about your song

  4. And the randomizer chose…#7! Congrats to Aramis, we’ve emailed you so check your inbox for details on how to get your tickets. Thanks to everyone for following Sweat! More giveaways including Passion Pit are coming up next week.

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