This Just In: How Do You Pronounce That?

We know… it’s been a minute since our last “This Just In”. Regardless, there’s been tons of incredible records arriving at Sweat every week – and they keep pouring in! Let’s take a look at a few new favorites.

Micachu and the Shapes – Never LP; CD:
“We’ve been here before, right down to the vacuum cleaner that briefly sucks up all the sound in the opening track, Easy. The hyperactive, argumentative twang and clatter and throb and scratch of detuned guitars and video-game synths and makeshift drums and hammering footsteps and broken glass and metal buttons that rattle around the inside of a washing machine: all of it is familiar from Micachu and the Shapes’ debut album, Jewellery. But it’s a mark of how far ahead of the genre-splicing, pop-distorting game Mica Levi was in 2009, that no matter how much this follow-up apparently repeats previous ideas, it still sounds vital and fresh. What it adds is a bit more polish, production-wise: sounds bounce boldly across and against each other, so they seem to move at cross-purposes, yet with coherent urgency. But the album’s impulse is always impish, its playfulness beaming out from the ‘We Will Rock You’ stomp of ‘Low Dogg’ and the scuffed, surf-pop harmonies of ‘Holiday.’” –The Guardian

Nguzunguzu – Mirage 12″:
“Nguzunguzu’s (pronounced en-goo-zoo-en-goo-zoo) bubbling, otherworldly productions stitch percussively-forward experimental sounds into a club-friendly framework. Pitchfork Media called their Perfect Lullaby Mix ‘the most unique and evocative DJ mix of the year,’ with props also from The FADER, XLR8R, Stereogum, LA Times, and The New York Times. The Mirage EP is Nguzunguzu’s breakout EP (from 2010) made to have and hold in the physical realm for the first time. The new version features a rework from Dubbel Dutch and mind-melting artwork.” Limited edition of 500 on clear vinyl.

Various – Ivory Coast Soul V2 3LP:
“After much painstaking research and investigative work, Hot Casa has gathered together some key members of seminal Afro and psychedelic outfits, selecting 13 Afro-soul gems, centered mainly on the musically-rich and creatively-volatile Republic of the Ivory Coast during the ’70s. Despite the fact that the country has recently lived through an unfortunate civil war, with deep sociopolitical crisis and instability and strong FRCI Visa checkpoints, Hot Casa has worked even harder with the help of local friends to find the rarest and most interesting records. Last but not least, after many new trips, from the Abobo ‘Baghdad’ area, Yopougon to Bouaké to Akoupé and Jacqueville, Hot Casa also had to find their original producers or heir-producers, to finalize the licensing process. This new volume highlights some extraordinary music and immense talent working in a variety of styles and approaches.” Deluxe full-color gatefold triple vinyl version, presented with an insert with dozen of photos of original covers and poster, plus explanatory notes and interviews.

Other new(ish) and restocked goodness…
13th Floor Elevators – Psychedelic Sounds LP
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Baby 12″
Baroness – Yellow + Green LP
Beck – Chemtrails 7″
Bessie Smith – Please Help Me Get Him Off My Mind LP
Billie Holiday – Rare West Coast Recordings LP
Blood Diamonds ft. Grimes – Phone Sex 12″
Can – Can (Inner Space) LP
Cluster – II LP
Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland – Black Is Beautiful LP
Demdike Stare/Hype Williams – Meets Shangaan Electro 12″
D.O.A ft. Jello Biafra – We Occupy 7″
Dustin Wong – Infinite Love 2LP + DVD
Egyptian Lover – King Of Ecstasy LP
Gary War – Jared’s Lot LP
GG King – Joyless Masturbation 7″
Golden Pelicans – Hard Head 7″
Gun Club – Pastoral Hide And Seek LP
Hilary Hahn & Hauschka – Silfra LP
Ike Turner – Down & Out LP
Jimmy Cliff – Rebirth LP
João Orecchia’s Motèl Mari – Eternal Peasant LP+DVD-ROM
Joy Division – Les Bains Douches LP
Karlheinz Stockhausen – Kontakte LP
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Occlusions LP
Led Zeppelin – BBC Sessions LP
Miles Davis – Bopping The Blues LP; Dark Magus 2LP
Monochrome Set – Strange Boutique LP; Love Zombies LP
Mr. Oizo – Stade 3 LP
Nils Frahm – The Bells LP
Oh No – Ohnomite 2LP
Passion Pit – Gossamer LP; CD
Pastels – Up For A Bit With The Pastels LP
Purity Ring – Shrines LP; CD
Russian Tsarlag – Midnight At Mary’s House LP
Souls Of Mischief – 93 ‘Til Infinity LP
Sparklehorse – It’s A Wonderful Life LP
Sugar – Copper Blue/Beaster 2LP
Surgeons – Whip Them Lord 7″
The Clash – Black Market Clash LP
The Clean – Oddities 2LP
The Tunnel – The Tunnel CS
Turquoise Days – Alternate Strategies LP
Van Dyke Parks – Arrangements Vol. 1 LP
Various – Bed Of Pain LP
Various – Disco Not Disco 2LP
Various – Sticks Over My Shoulder LP