Miami Performance International Festival (M/P ’12)

The first Miami Performance International Festival; A four-day series of events (July 26-29) in the Miami Design District, Downtown Miami and Miami Beach, starts today! Check out articles on it from The Miami New Times, Miami Herald and Huffington Post, and the festival description below. With so many performances over the next few days, there’s no excuse not to experience this.

“The festival draws upon the rich local and international cultural landscapes to present masters of performance and installation art who will work alongside both established and emerging artists selected from around the world. This intensive contemporary arts event will take place at three different sites throughout Miami-Dade County: Downtown Miami, the Miami Design District and the Botanical Gardens of the City of Miami Beach.

This innovative program will explore the breaking down of boundaries between visual art, music, dance and poetry. In collaboration with a consortium of three arts institutions and curators, M/P ’12 will provide a platform and support artists to realize reflexive and culturally poignant projects. Miami will be the stage for this dynamic laboratory.

A dynamic dialogue between time based art practice and its documentation will occur through a comprehensive exhibition of site-reactive installations. Live performances will be presented to the public in a participatory discourse during the four-day program. The festival, which is free to the general public, will include workshops, lectures and artist talks.”

Click here for the complete M/P ’12 Performance Schedule


ARGENTINA : Gabriel Montero | CANADA | Christine Brault | Irene Loughlin | COLOMBIA: Eduardo Oramas | DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Eliu Almonte | Nicolas Dumit Estevez | Johan Mijail Castillo| Jochi Muñoz | Ismael Ogando | Grimaldy Polanco | Alexeis Tellerine | EL SALVADOR : Alexia Miranda | | MEXICO: Fausto Garcia | Pancho Lopez | SPAIN: Palmer Fishman | USA : | Nathalie Alfonso | Cristy Almaida | Eduardo Balerdi | Bistoury Physical Theatre | Pip Brant | Belaxis Buil | Ted Chambers | Daniel Fiorda | Becky Flowers ( a Touch-Paper collaboration with Ika Santa Maria, William Rey, Christine Fitzgerald, Claudio Marcotulli & Diego Salazar Cely) | Fsik Huvnx | Orestes De La Paz | Bill Gilbert | Mark Holt | Catalina Jamarillo| Leder Kremer | Walter Lara | Claudio Marcotulli | Mikey Muench | Charo Oquet | Erika Osborne | David Prusko | Phaedra Robinson | Jennifer Suarez | Nicole Soden | Misael Soto | A.G. Viva