Who Wants to See Free EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY?

I had the pleasure of seeing Austin’s EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY a few years back at Langerado, and my mind was blown! I could see the music when I closed my eyes, and I’m sure it wasn’t just my trippy state-of-mind. Read some great words about the band on Salty Eggs. They’re on tour playing Grand Central Wednesday, June 19th with ZAMMUTO (Nick Zammuto from The Books!), and we’re giving you the chance to see them for FREE! Comment below with your love, and we’ll choose a winner tomorrow!

61 thoughts on “Who Wants to See Free EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY?

  1. I want these tickets! I completely missed them at Bonnaroo last year, in favor of choosing to see the Strokes who were playing at the same time. This was the worst mistake I made at Bonnaroo since the Strokes sucked, while a friend of mine who went to see Explosions in the Sky instead told me he couldn’t listen to any music for a week after seeing them live.

  2. Ive been waiting so long to see this band live. The best post rock there is. This and a Heat win tonight will surely make my week!!!!

  3. I’ve been wanting to see them ever since my friend made me a mix with their songs on it two years ago! It’d be great if I could see them!

  4. Hey Sweat Records,

    I’ve been needing to see them since I missed their show here in Miami years ago and I haven’t had the time/ funds to go anywhere else to see them kill a stage. I would love to win these tickets. Please.



  5. I love them they make all my bits all tingly with a feeling similar to when your limbs fall asleep. Miami has been in need of these Texas boys

  6. Is the show on Tuesday or Wednesday? Either night I’m free with no plans! Save me from my television!!! πŸ™‚

  7. Sweat records is the shit! i love u guys …. I want these tickets! – I went and sat on your sofa one saturday night and watched an old guy play his guitar and foot pedals with a scuba mask on and spill water all over me. He was a frustrated artist, screeching his guitar and throwing chairs around. His performance was music to my ears and I came out inspired. It was great music. Another reason why sweat records is the shit! He blew up a doll and licked her i all the wrong places. I know explosions in the sky at in June will be life changing and it’d be so awesome if I won:) <3 much luv

  8. I’ve tried so many other ticket give aways! Explosions in the sky will be epic! Thanks sweat records for the bomb opportunity!!!

  9. I love sweat records I also really love explosions in the sky therefore I love you sweat records more than ever

  10. I’ve grown up on EITS and really truly wanted to see them for years. One of my all time favorite bands who never get the respect they deserve. Because of my other bills I won’t get to see them unless I get free tickets somehow. I hope someone helps out a true EITS fan & I can make it out to an amazing show at Grand Central which has the best lights.

  11. Isn’t the show in the 19th? Either way. If this is true I’d like to see them. I went to New York once to catch a show but it was sold out by the time I finally booked my flight.

  12. Have always appreciated explosions so much, but both time I’ve been able to catch a glimpse I was working .. At langerado And rothbury all the way up in Michigan . I think it would be beyond awesome to see and enjoy them in my own little town πŸ™‚

  13. Explosions in the Sky has been one of my favorites for my whole life, hopefully I can afford the door cost : (

  14. seriously sucks not being able to go to this show due to lack of funds. come on sweat, ive supported you by buying your records, going to your shows, and eating your cupcakes. support me and my never ending love of all things post-rock.

  15. My wife really wants to see this show, and I haven’t been out to see a show on a Wednesday night in ages. Is there anything sadder than that? Well, sure there is, plenty. If we aren’t picked, I hope it’s a great show. I’m sure you’ll have a great turnout. You guys rock. We love Grand Central.

  16. My super best friend turned me on to these guys, and also just sent me this link. She’s going tonight and I’m dying to go, haven’t had the chance/ money to go to a beeeautiful show in a long time. And I’m suuuuure this is going to be a beeeeautiful show. Hook it up, pleeeease!

  17. I know they are one of the most talented in their genre … I’ve been hooked since I first heard their music about 3 years ago … Let me see them !!!!

  18. Would love to see them. Friends in Austin and elsewhere have been raving about them to me for a while now.

  19. I am a Winter Garden native that was raised in Venezuela and a Miamian at heart since 2005. When I first moved here I began my search for awesome places to hang out. I found out about Churchill’s Pub and head forth for a night of punking out.
    I arrived at the location, the first thing I noticed was the mural of the business next to the pub with images of Mf Doom, David Bowie, Bjork and other legends of the music world and I was captivated. I instantly asked my already established local buddy what that place next to Churchill’s was and when he explained to me that, it was a record store that is a cafΓ© that sometimes throws small parties, I was mesmerized.
    Immediately after I got home I googled it and have been a fan of their Iced Mate Latte and Vegan Jerky ever since.
    The funny coincidence here is, (and not because I want to win or anything) that a close friend of mine from Venezuela passed me a tune of Explosions In The Sky, Greet Death, to be more specific, around the same time I began frequenting these places and have been a follower ever since.
    Hope Sweat Records never shuts down and hope Explosions In The Sky never stop making music. I love them both too much.



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