New Lomography Analogue Cameras on Deck at Sweat

No matter how digital we get, there are some things that shouldn’t be lost. We’re not just speaking of music on vinyl or cassette tapes, Sweat also has great appreciation for photography using film. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our new line of analogue cameras from Lomography! I need to get one of my own, so my photos come out better than this…

To the left we have La Sardina & Flash, which features an incredible wide-angle lens, rewind dial for easy photo remixing, an MX switch for simple multiple exposures, and a compact body that uses 35mm film. Next is the Diana F+, whose lens that creates dreamy, lo-fi photos on 120 film for soft-focused images with beautiful vignettes. It comes with a flash, has two shutter speeds, two image sizes, multiple exposure abilities, perfect pinhole function, shutter lock and tripod thread. Stacked in the middle is the Diana Mini & Flash, which uses 35mm film to give you lovely square shots and half-frame photos. All the way to the right is their Fisheye camera with a sweeping 170-degree view that compacts everything around you into a circular image. It’s premium glass lens offers bright colors and knockout contrast.

Stop by the shop to choose yours; then join the Lomography online community to share your photos and see what other people have done with their analogue cameras. We also sell the film, so you have everything you need to go out and start shooting!