Win Tickets for GET LOW’s 3rd Birthday With Dubstep Legend GOTH-TRAD

I can’t wait for the big GET LOW 3 Year Anniversary with Deep Medi artists GOTH-TRAD and TRUTH! GOTH-TRAD is a legendary Far East bass ninja, and one of the first outside of the UK to push the dubstep sound.

TRUTH is the New Zealand duo who came out and crushed The Vagabond last may with some of the thickest bass we’ve ever heard.

Our resident DJs JUAN BASSHEAD & ASHWORTH and MCs JUMANJI & NOME will be bringing their A games as they always do; (((SHAKE))) favorites A-TRAIN and SUN OF SOUL drop hip hop in the Bar Room, while the Radical Patio features Future RNB/Lush Haus maestro HENRY KRINKLE, WVUM’s TALL JAMAL, and the Tropical Bass flavors of OKULUS ANOMALI.

Catch up on our last few years in this County Grind interview complete with videos of the madness! Here’s a free dubstep track from the forthcoming South Florida bass compilation we’ll be giving away to the first 100 people at the Anniversary. For your chance to win tickets to the epic #GETLOW3YEAR with GOTH-TRAD, TRUTH and Miami Dubstep‘s finest, just comment below with your favorite GET LOW moment. 18 and up welcome to enter. We’ll pick the winner Thursday at 1pm. May the bass be with you!

23 thoughts on “Win Tickets for GET LOW’s 3rd Birthday With Dubstep Legend GOTH-TRAD

  1. My favorite Get Low memory was the night they shaved off Juan Basshead’s whole hair off! It was epic to say the least and a good look :)lol Nonetheless, every Get Low has had its best moments no matter what night it is.

    Wawa WOMP!!!!!


  2. My favorite Get Low moment was Otto Von Sirach’s performance during last year’s anniversary. My friends were scared shitless by the abrasiveness and overall mindfuck that’s his set and stayed in the bar room/patio for the night.

    I loved every single second of it.

  3. I remember when i crowd surfed and it was insanely fun. I couldn’t have enough of it.
    PICK ME!

  4. The first day i walked into get low, i was scared, confused, never heard what a monster groan dub step sounded like and then i “got LOW” @_____@ , please choose me or i’ll eat yo face

  5. Favorite Get Low moment… Mala a couple years back. So minimal, so much bass, so little light, on another planet.

  6. Shit, just realized that my fav. moment is from the 1st anniversary, in the 2nd anniversary Truth played! Been going to these for a while…

  7. my favorite was when illmatic was here…..and he played forever set that keep the crowd rotating on night….i think he played for 3-4 hrs or something like that……the energy was great….shit i think the best moment was when Jsin, aHol, and slim coming up with the idea of putting together GetLow…..cuz since the beginning i have been to almost all of them and man it’s been a hell of a ride…..thank you guys, shake,vagabond, and getlow baby, all day all night…

  8. Too much turmoil to remember anything. Plastician was dope, hulk was dope, Maryann was dope. Juan Basshead is always the dopest tho, Miami woot!

  9. Much love to Sweatrecords, The Vagabond and everybody else pushing innovative creative bass music, we need more places like these where you hear good music with SUBSTANCE, lol. I was there for the 2nd anniversary with Plastician, Animal Crackerz & Mexicanz with guns (My favorite get low to date) and even if i don’t win tickets you best believe im gonna be @ Vag tomorrow front and center when Goth Trad spins that primeval bass so loud they’ll hear it in the keys. Shout out to JUMANJI; BASS BLUNTS BITCHES, hahaha

  10. My favorite get low moment Is every time they announce a new get low, I get so excited for Thursday’s at the vagabond!

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