New Merch: Kawaii Notebooks + PEACHES Crates

Kawaii means “loveable, cute, or adorable” in Japanese and the kawaii brand San-X is one of our all-time favorites!  Their stuff is cute like Sanrio, but with funny twists and way more characters.  We’ve just gotten in six different awesome notepads below!  They’re 5″ x 7″ with multiple page designs and most come with a full sheet of stickers, perfect for jotting down info or writing notes to friends.  These are imported from Japan and are $5.50 each.

Annnd, at long last we’ve gotten a shipment of the classic PEACHES CRATES! What better way to store your vinyl than in a piece of musical history?  These are a reissue of sorts, each one comes in a box and are easy to DIY with a few nails.  They’re $30 each and we’re not sure how much longer we’ll be able to get them for so stop by soon and pick one up.

Peachy! And yes we know the image is on sideways in this mockup…