Rockers Vs Bros Live: Pool Party & Severe Disappointments

We have a special live Rockers Vs Bros event at (((SHAKE))) this Thursday. It’s extra awesome because SEVERE DISAPPOINTMENTS features our own Slim Biscayne on bass, and POOL PARTY features the guitar/vocal stylings of Creep Guirdo, also know as Jose Blue Jeans and Jose el Rey in past lives. It’s a (((SHAKE))) family affair! These two bands are setting off on their World Tour (of Florida), so come out and send them off proper!

Publix Anorexic Sub Chick (Live) by Pool Party Wut H.O.A. by Severe Disappointments

We’ll also have DJ PUNK ROCK CHRIS and ASHWORTH playing Rockers’ tunes on The Vagabond patio. For the Bros’ we have our resident DJ’s A-TRAIN and ROB RIGGS (check out his new site) doing their thing. The battle is FREE if you RSVP to! Do your job.

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